I'm gone forever-ish
on Elsword


Call me Love, Vampy, or Lucy. For starters, I'm an emotional person. It tends to put a large emphasis on certain moods I have, whether good or bad. It also causes me to get out of hands at times. I like to be blunt and I like people who are honest with me rather than pretend to be nice to not hurt my feelings. I usually have a hard time becoming close, but once I do, I become attached. Call me your friendly antisocial. Feel free to comment or private message, I don't bite.

I'm also a zOMG fanatic, been playing for three years but switched through accounts to the one I'm most comfortable with. However, I'm planning on staying on this account forever. Favorite instance now is bloodlust. I can kite and tank. I'm currently trying to accomplish these goals:

☑ Level rings to 12.0
☑ Earn my last ghi ability
☑ Try to visit mom, Kamila, once a week
☑ Raise enough gold for all the summons
◆ Gather a lifetime worth of power ups
◆ Collect all the badges

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