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And she was doomed to haunt the halls of her ship for the rest of eternity.

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"No, you don't understand, this goes beyond the market inflation! Sure, I'd punch Flynn in the face the first chance I got, who wouldn't? But you're not looking at the bigger picture. Someone wise once said our world, our chaotic world, is almost accustomed to it's chaos. Gaia has alway's been a grand stage for a bigger story, filled with comedy and tragedy. What has happened to that story? It's gone, and so is the chaos it brought, because the powers that be simply don't care anymore. That's why we must leave. To create a new story."

- LoR, 15 hours before his untimely death.


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Chibi Halo Report | 04/09/2014 4:37 pm
One of my guilds has been having in Towns meetups this month and under the tree has kind of become my thing.
Equinoxious Report | 10/23/2013 9:17 am
this is my tumblr here
Nebaku Report | 10/06/2013 11:54 am
Thank you blaugh
The Hell Tutor Report | 10/03/2013 2:34 pm
It is for the most part.

The Halloween event will tell how things stand.
Most people come back at that time and things get moving.

Did you just return from an hiatus or have you been lurking around?
The Hell Tutor Report | 10/03/2013 2:24 pm
Of course! It will always be there! Is part of a fun past!
Seraphim Skye Report | 07/18/2012 7:42 pm
I don't know.
The only mod I know personally, I am on bad terms with so, I can't really ask.
Seraphim Skye Report | 07/11/2012 5:36 pm
I don't know how often you're online anymore, but, it is no longer allowing us to post in the Airport.
I thought it would be best to notify you about it.
II Mimic II Report | 11/09/2011 11:37 am
yeah, but I'm lazy too
II Mimic II Report | 11/09/2011 12:19 am
*comments because he can now*
R a b i d D r e a m e r Report | 11/20/2010 4:31 pm