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Nice to meetcha.
I'm 21 years old and I'm from Lancashire in the UK.
Finished with University and currently working in a game shop where I throw games at small children and facepalm over stupid questions.
Livin the dream.

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Lubbilubb Report | 12/18/2016 8:19 pm
Hihi, just wanted to say that i ike your avi.

it's cute whee even if that wasn't what you were going for lol
Chamaellia Report | 06/30/2012 2:58 pm
Thank you for purchasing from my shop!

Have a lovely Day/Evening~♥
KeeRahRah Report | 05/31/2012 2:41 pm
you don't have to. I am just trying to get into it again. its been a while. I used to draw all the time. T.T so its already almost the weekend, any plans for this one around?
KeeRahRah Report | 05/31/2012 1:40 pm
thank you so much! have you seen my new avi art on my pro? I was thinking this weekend I would attempt your avi. ^.^
KeeRahRah Report | 05/30/2012 11:27 pm
Hey! no its ok, and no, I spent most of my saturday in the urgent care with bronchitis. sad but I think I am getting better now. I am glad to hear you had a good weekend, and sleep well!
KeeRahRah Report | 05/30/2012 9:04 am
*bites* hello, how are you today? how was your weekend?
KeeRahRah Report | 05/25/2012 2:10 pm
im ok, just tired and busy too, but I thought I would roll buy and say hi!
KeeRahRah Report | 05/25/2012 12:52 pm
Hello! how are you today?
KeeRahRah Report | 05/22/2012 12:52 pm
you... me... friends?
PedaI Report | 06/28/2011 2:48 pm
You've made me so happy crying

HoNk hOnK :o)

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