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Hi, hello! My name is Lorelei Dreaming.

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I adore cute things! This includes stuffed animals, feminine clothes, dolls like Monster High and Ball-Jointed Dolls, moe and shoujo-ai anime, and music* like Vocaloid and Mili. I also have an insatiable passion for DIY youtube videos, Lolita Fashion, Canada, and becoming more like a princess. emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif

*My music tastes aren't just for the kawaii -- I love Muse, MUCC, Melanie Martinez, Lorde, and Woodkid too! (and the list goes on. . . )

I really enjoy talking to people, but I'm impossibly shy in person. Its a lot easier for me to communicate online because I don't have to worry about stuttering, forgetting my words, or taking a little while to form a coherent reply. Id love it if you took the time to say hello! ; u; emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif (Click the heart to leave a comment!)


I've been on Gaia way too long. My first account was made back in 2oo7 or so. You'll never see me in Towns, Rally, or any other virtual space. I rarely post in forums, but I'm more inclined to browse the Dressing Room, the various Art forums, and the Exchange. Honestly I think the only reason I'm still here is to stare at cute items and grind in Lake Kindred. (It makes me feel rich laughsob)

My first roleplaying experience was here on Gaia. I roleplayed practically every day until I moved it to tumblr and eventually lost my steam. Every now and again, I enjoy a good roleplay. I'm almost always thinking about my characters and their stories. If you're the type who wants to roleplay but can't think up a good setting, I'd love to let you hop into any of my worlds! (But don't, like, steal my plots and stuff, okay. I worked really hard on them. I'll find you.)

Two of my closest friendships have been made through Gaia. Their usernames are Halcyone ter Avest and AiiHoshi. They deserve to be showered with confetti every time they step out. ♥


Lorelei rarely takes selfies. Please enjoy these rare, Gratuitous Pictures Of Herself. This includes photographs and Avatar Art♡

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