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I play, I fight. YOU PAY. That's the life of a performer.

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Super Kame Report | 04/09/2014 8:59 pm
Super Kame
Haha that's okay. Glad everything's good, how's life in your new place? I forget which state. >.> I'm keeping very busy, as usual, with work here. Gearing up for a superbusy summer season.
Super Kame Report | 11/18/2013 8:06 pm
Super Kame
Just stopping by to say hi. I hope all is well. :3
Tesugare Ryuu Report | 10/17/2012 2:50 pm
Tesugare Ryuu
haha it is ok just wanting to let you know though the only pokemon (A fighter like yourself) can Fight Physically is Fighting types but even then (That is also counted as training) Liberta will still be on you then not to mention Tidus cuz of your Tech and what not but everything is cool ^_^
Tesugare Ryuu Report | 10/16/2012 2:45 pm
Tesugare Ryuu
hey sorry for using Keeta as my shield to talk to you XD
Sixty Emeralds Report | 10/12/2012 3:18 pm
Sixty Emeralds
Oh you goof.... That's not me up there! o_o I mean at the top of your page!

Oh! and ARRRRRRRRR. >3
Keeta Speicher Report | 02/02/2012 6:26 am
Keeta Speicher
rymandy Report | 04/10/2011 7:01 am
not much u?
Geminai The Baby Paw Report | 12/27/2010 10:36 am
Geminai The Baby Paw
OMGOMFG I LOVE THE WORLD! I already think I know who it is. Can't log in though and see sad
Geminai The Baby Paw Report | 09/13/2010 4:42 pm
Geminai The Baby Paw
I cannot move ben's items. You'll have to have Ora send them back.
Geminai The Baby Paw Report | 09/13/2010 4:38 pm
Geminai The Baby Paw
I'm not sure I can move ben. I'll have to check. I'll be right on.


"If you are satisfied, and do what you feel you must do.... then you have reached perfection." -Metamoq, Corwid of the Free



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