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My name is Lord Arrion, and yes, I am a Site Moderator.

"Test the waters, the ripples will always show the reflection of the truth."

Q: Do you add people?
A: I only add people once I've gotten to know them, so the chances are most likely not.

Q: Will you donate to me?
A: I apologize, but I do not donate.

Q: I've been hacked, please help, what do I do?!
A: Please fill out Report a Hacking.

Q: I've been scammed, can you help me?!
A: Please fill out Report a Scamming.

Q: How can I become a mod?
A: Check out the following thread; Mod Application FAQ.

Q: I have a question that's not listed here, what do I do?
A: You may PM me your question; please do not comment it on my profile.


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Malchihiro Soulstar Report | 03/25/2015 1:03 am
I have been good. took another break from Gaia and back again.
Haha. Hope all is well for you
Malchihiro Soulstar Report | 03/20/2015 3:04 am
Howdy old friend
ninja ninja
P U L S E Nine Report | 03/08/2015 7:17 pm
Thank you! And you, too. >D
P U L S E Nine Report | 03/07/2015 2:32 pm
Wooot, good vibes! I didn't really realize how long it had been since I've been on until I saw my last dated inbox message. lol
P U L S E Nine Report | 03/06/2015 4:20 am
I've been goodie-good, Mr. Site Moderator. XD How about yourself?
P U L S E Nine Report | 03/05/2015 7:08 pm
Imriel Disgaea Report | 03/02/2015 5:54 pm

I am mad at you. You never text me anymore, sir. ;c
Pfft! gonk
ChaosQueen Report | 03/02/2015 2:24 am
emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
Final Saph Report | 12/10/2014 1:07 pm
Ty. Something's off with it, but idk why. Probably not properly balanced white/black, but oh well.
icywind1980 Report | 12/07/2014 3:36 pm
Hi! What kind of hair do you have on? It's really cool! emotion_yatta