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Gender: Male

Birthday: 01/04/1996

Im A Plug

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Lifestyle was a Choice

Kawika Primrose aka Fuego
Age: 19 Yrs I Walked The Earth
highschool: N.Hale High
Idols: Cheech and Chong,Wiz Khalifa, And Mac Miller
Real Music: Eminem,Mac Miller,Bob Marley,Tupac,Biggie Smalls,Wiz Khalifa,Cypress Hill,Hopsin,OFWGKTA,DMX,Dr Dre,Snoop Lion,Ice Cube,Eazy E,Kendrick Lamar,J Cole
Where Im From: Well I Have 2 Different Places But The Most Beautiful Places In United States And Thats San Diego,California and Honolulu,Hawaii Born In Hawaii and Raised In Cali
Currently Living Now: Suck a** Texas Sorry If This Offends You I Hate It Here
What I Do Pretty Much Everyday: Smoke Herb And Make Music,Skateboard,Video Games,Movies
Favorite Quote: The People That Are Making This World Worse Are Never Taking A Day Off How Can I - The One and Only Bob Marley
I Toke Out Of Bongs,Bowls,Joints,Blunts,ZigZags,Rolling Paper,Soda Cans,Pipes,One-Hitters,Tubes,Camo Packs,Vacuum Cleaners,My Living Room Chimney Dont Ask Me What I Like Most Because Im Gonna Tell You Everything Dont Tell Me That Weed Is Bad For Me Or Tell Me Its Drug Or Tell Me You Can Overdose From It Not Only Ima Think You A ******** Ima Just Assume You Don't Smoke It At All And Give You Some Knowledge On This Magical,Friendly,The Plant Of Happiness,State Of The Art Cannabis
Favorite Strains: ALL OF THEM
Most Favorite Strain: Amber Ice,Skunk,Blue Dream,v****a Lust,Lambs Breath,Northern Lights,Alaskan Thunder ******** Queen
Words Of Wisdom: There Are Only 2 People In This World People That Smoke Weed And People That Should
All About: THC,CBD,T.G.O.D, And K.I.D.S
Words And Phrases: Oblahh,Blissful,Most Dope,Most Definite,
Im Just A Regular Kid With Regular Problems And Regular Issues I Dont Think Of Myself Any Higher Or Any Lower But You Do Come Across Some ******** In Your Life Its Amazing How Much s**t You Can Take Before You Blow The ******** Up Anyway's Just Live Your Life Don't Let It Waste Because You Only Get One Life And Smoke Some Weed Till You Smile Your Gonna Wish You Smoked This s**t Way Before You Read This Trust Me It WOuld Make Everything Go Away
If You Wanna Know Anything More About Me FWM

Oh Noe? He's a Cool Dude