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Changing The End

Changing The End

"Look upon yourself and realize that life is what you make of it. The tears, the pain, the suffering, it's only what comes along the way. This world is what it is, we are merely passing by and all of us know it. Try to strive for making the most of it. And remember, whether you ever pass on your family to kin or not, always think of the future ahead. We all seem to think selfishly, that only our being matter, but remember there is always the future and because of the past generation's choice to ignore this fact, history repeats itself. It may be inevitable, but the most we can do is try. The most we can do is do what we can and hold onto hope. These are words I remind myself everyday, but I lack the will to follow. These are my intentions and dreams that I wish to unfold, but never seem to turn the page. Daily, I have my thoughts run rampant, wanting to let myself go and escape this earth. So, whoever reads this, please do what you can. Even though I do not heed my own words, even though this may make me a hypocrite, the least I can do is pass these words onto you. The most I can do is yet to come...The most we can do, is yet to come..."


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Hub-Hub's Quartet Oath:
1. To attain peace for the well-being of all.
2. To be the defense of those who cannot defend for themselves.
3. To remain neutral in judgement.
4. To only take action when time calls it upon us.