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ayy lmao im logan
heres some made up s**t about me ;}

{ i was formerly Anna-yo, but i changed my username to fit my irl name.
but, i got the nickname anna somehow through online gaming,
so ye. you can call me whichever, i really don't give a s**t lol }

i listen to twenty one pilots ♥, young the giant,
p!atd ♥, vinyl theatre ♥, marina and the diamonds ♥,
and tons of other gr8 music
im obsessed with music im srry

i frequently play video games but not league so dont ask me pls
and i probably wont play games with u tbh bc ur probably better
than me and thats simply not ok

august 17th is the day you gimme cake or buy me s**t

i have really great friends that i feel so lucky to have met
and im mostly open to making new ones
except rally fags..

i afk in vh a lot.

get meme'd !!

if you happen to see me in vh or some place, feel free to chat me up
im just not the best at holding a conversation so im srry r.i.p.

- logan

((p.s: single bells, single bells, single all the way, oh what fun it is to run...
nothing cuz im freaking single, yay... ))


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