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Scroll to see about me and ect Idk tbh
I changed my username I was Shinno-Kun (R.I.P)

First I would like to say my gender is MALE kthxbye.
Ummm okay so you can call me Shinno / Shin or
w/e you prefer~ My birthday doe its on July the
20th *HintHint* and my age isn't important at all B[
I'm happily taken by my wonderful boyfriend ♥ and I love
him lots and lots! Welp I really like cats, cactuses, sharks and
my fave colour is red! PM/ send me a comment if you wanna talk
I probably won't reply or ignore it so LOL TAKE UR CHANCE. mk
bye now get lost ♥
Currently questing:

Um but yeah this stuff okay thanks bye.

Very special note:
Oh my god where do i start? Its been two whole years!
Nina, Rox, Eien and Saigo you guys are honestly the
BEST people i could ask for in my life! Putting up with
my sass and bitchiness and not to forget all the drama
we've endured as a group! I'll never forget how we met
during the winter x'DD <3 I love you all to bits and pieces!
And lets hope that these years last for more to come!
Love you guys bunches c: <3 DON'T TAKE THIS FOR
So when we're all in the same room at once lets...
TAKE A SELFIE -plays selfie song-
k srs bye now

Makoto, Rei, oml plz. x'D

Wow guys. I mean of all people to give crap
to you gave it to me ♥ dat means so much 2 me LOL
thank you~!

I'D LOVE YOU FOREVER! Btw thanks for the art guies!

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Level Max

Report | 10/24/2014 5:33 pm

Level Max

Yeah, same. I find all the kids interesting though. They all have very unique personalities. But yeah, her support with Owain cracks me up. Oml. If you haven't seen it- you gotta.
Ah, yeah. I can see that too.
Oh yeah. They're pretty cute together- idk if I'd go as far to say I ship them though- but they're still cute. As far as Awakening shippings go, I can proudly say I ship Virion & Libra and Inigo & Gerome. Those are the only ones I'm definite on. Otherwise I'm not sure yet. ov o;
xD Mhm. The artist has my kind of humor so it really cracked me up.
Level Max

Report | 10/23/2014 4:01 pm

Level Max

Pfft. Nah, you didn't.
Yeah xD Omg have you seen his and Cynthia's support? It's the best. Rofl.
Exactly. That's why I can see her being the motherly type. xD The first time around I paired her with Ricken since I was like Oooh I bet that'd be adorable.
Hahaha, Mhmm. I should show you these Henry comics I found on pixiv. They're the best. xDD
These should be it.

Report | 10/23/2014 3:37 pm


durururururu and the description belongs to a song
o oui I see u 2

Report | 10/23/2014 3:34 pm


noisssssy fighter duurr I think I get it
crystalized cats

Report | 10/21/2014 6:04 pm

crystalized cats

Level Max

Report | 10/21/2014 8:56 am

Level Max

Haha. Cool then. xD
Yeah, that pose is pretty dramatic. And let's not forget his whole "My sword hand tingles" thing. xD
Pfft. Idk. She seems to like to scold others. So in some ways she would seem motherly. But yeah.. Brady's adorable but so unexpected. xD
Haha yeah. I watched their support just to see what it entailed but I just can't see them as more than cousins or friends.
I'm surprised I didn't see the similarities before finding that picture. oTL
Level Max

Report | 10/20/2014 2:34 pm

Level Max

Whoaaa holy crap late response- sorrryyy.
But um yeah, Owain is pretty funny as Lissa's son. Yeah xD Owain's always trying to get people to name their weapons. Pfft.
I actually think Brady was the most funny as Maribelle's son. It's just so unexpected. xD
Well, I support incest sometimes but not in this case. I think Owain and Lucina would be better as friends/cousins.
I don't think the translators realized that when they brought over the game. Fufufu. Because when they brought over Sacred Stones they eliminated the twincest pairing. xD
The thing that gave it off to me was the outfits. They do look suspiciously like Jessie and James though. xD
Level Max

Report | 10/18/2014 2:02 pm

Level Max

Ah gotcha. I did the opposite as you. xD
By the way, speaking of Lon'qu am I the only one who thinks that he looks like the most suited daddy for Owain? I mean.. their clothing and stuff. It's similar. < A >
oh! did you notice that you could pair up Owain and Lucina? It took me a while before I noticed "Wait aren't they cousins?" xD Oh Fire Emblem. This isn't the first time they've pulled incest.
Yeah, same. v uv They're always fun to have around.
I mean idk hair length has nothing to do with masculinity although with Libra I suppose it does make him look more feminine. <v >;
Haha. xD That Team Rocket reference though.
Level Max

Report | 10/17/2014 1:28 pm

Level Max

Well, that actually makes sense. It's not like Chrom deserves the hate. xD
Oh, I see. Owain's one of my favorites as well. Unit-wise as well. I made him an assassin so he's a boss. =v=
Pfft. xD Yeah. I guess FIre Emblem's a little more classy than that. But perverted characters can be lovable- more often than not. xD
Mhm, mhm. xD I could watch their support over and over again and never get bored. xD I just love how Libra is physically more of a man than Virion.
Yep. xD That's Virion, Cherche, and Minerva. When I found it I cracked up. It's just too legit.
Level Max

Report | 10/17/2014 2:16 am

Level Max

Really? That's weird. xD
Yeah, he just seems unrealistic and I like characters who are more relate able. But I still love him, he's just not one of my all time favorites.
Yes, yes. Although it's not like Inigo is a perv or anything either. I think that's actually common for Fire Emblem. If they have a flirt, they aren't perverted. But more romantic.
Omg, right? It's the best. xD I knew from the start it was gonna be good since it was the flirtatious character and an effeminate guy but I didn't expect it to be that good.
I really enjoy how Libra is so feminine yet masculine at the same time. It's amazing!
And after seeing them together like that, it makes me wanna ship them!

Oh btw I found something legit on pixiv the other day.
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oml sup mah nigguhs I MEAN HELLO THERE
Hi I'm lokute but u can call me Shin or shinno or w/e.
I'm an okay person. but w/e kthxbye
b coz i am ur thugdere senpai smilies/emo.gif