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Report | 02/03/2014 3:59 pm

Lily Melinoe

*pets* emotion_kirakira
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Report | 01/10/2014 12:57 am

Lily Melinoe

"Oh I received some burns earlier. But I am quite well~
And as always, you look lovely as a lady!"
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Report | 01/08/2014 4:20 pm

uchiha fxcks

heh. emotion_dowant
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Report | 11/14/2013 8:22 pm


I absolutely love your avatar, your profile, your description... amazing job!
Isn't Loki god of fire as well?
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Report | 10/24/2013 2:12 pm


Hey loke if you up to it, I need your help assaulting the beast it self Jack I would be very greatful
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Report | 09/20/2013 7:22 pm

Lily Melinoe

Oh ho~!
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Report | 09/17/2013 4:44 pm

Lunaria Fawnheart

*lays on lap*
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Report | 08/03/2013 10:28 am

Lily Melinoe

A little strange announcement told me 'twas your day of birth, Sir Loke~
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Report | 08/01/2013 2:06 pm

Lunaria Fawnheart

no... im just sad that i got no presents or cake on my birthday *sniffles* i guess everyone was too busy for me
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Report | 07/31/2013 11:26 pm

Lyrical Zephyr

Oh, don't say that. Even if no one else sends you anything, surely there must be others who care. Besides the obvious, that is. Like Thor. Maybe some of them are just busy or can't afford a gift.

In the end, at least one person sent something. 3nodding
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Report | 07/30/2013 1:27 pm

Lunaria Fawnheart

Loke... *ears hang in a depressed look*
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Report | 07/11/2013 10:48 am

Lily Melinoe

"Thank you for the compliment, sire, you flatter me." Lily gave a small chuckle before listening to his dilemma.
"The pegacorn is pleasant I am certain." She began to say but then Loke struggled to decide. Her smile also faltered as well,
"Perhaps you can buy a bundle where all the fluffs are available then sire?" Asking with a hopeful tone.
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Report | 07/07/2013 8:57 pm

Lily Melinoe

Lily didn't want to bring up why she avoiding the vampires. But thankfully, she didn't need to.
Although the girl never seen seen the trickster so out of sorts before. In fact, it might be quite important matter. "Perhaps tis time to learn how to make decisions that shall permanent."
That last comment was noted in her mind. It seemed strange that the god would have problems within his own family. But then again…it was no different than her own.
"Perhaps I can assist you, Sir Loke?"
She asked with a smile.
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Report | 07/04/2013 10:01 pm

Lily Melinoe

Lily was outside when she heard the door been broken into. Disregarding the possible damages done on the door, The girl was more concerned that an intruder broke in. "Who goes there? I warn you I- hm?" When she heard her formal name being called out, she instantly recognized the voice and identity. "Sir Loke?...Whatever is the matter, sire?" the girl asked. "Please permit me to fetch you a cup of tea then, sir."
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Report | 07/04/2013 3:07 am

Lily Melinoe

Fluffy little....Oh! W-well, for lack of better words miss....it followed me home.
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Report | 07/01/2013 12:27 pm

Lily Melinoe

Sir-er.....Miss Loke, I was always fond of you. Whether it be male or female. *chuckles*
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Report | 07/01/2013 12:16 pm

Lily Melinoe

I'd rather be a trickster god than to be a nightmare goddess of madness. >.>
Tis not right to make others fear you!
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Report | 07/01/2013 12:07 pm

Lily Melinoe

More or less, Melinoe is my true name, miss....Although it does not please me to be called that.
I rather be called "Lily".
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Report | 06/17/2013 9:31 am

Lyrical Zephyr

Isn't it great? XD

Some of my friends and I actually got permission from the artist to use her comics as a script for some cosplay videos we want to make.
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Report | 05/28/2013 1:05 pm


Thanks for buying! heart
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