read first before you judge

hello neighbors friends family members who ever my name is Alex am glad to meet you and i see your looking at my profile and your wondering hey who is this guy why am i looking at his profile and stuff well reason why you want to see it is basically bordom or to see how i really look like anyway let me cut down the the information just to make people lifes easier and simple and pie my personality pretty simple my thoughts are sometimes clean am a very wise guy to talk to at times if your a two face person who wants to disrespect and waste other people times so be it your a waste of my time as well am black do not judge me for who i am am 5,5 pretty short but till make it through life am 16 my birthday is on September the 16 buy me a cake when the day comes i donated at times just to show how generous of a person i can be i listen to alot of music pretty much is my life and it keeps me going till i die all i want to do is help people in need when even can i promise to leave a mark on this world until i die when i will be remember by....
my kik- taco_the_slacker photos are under construction hey new year new me i suppose



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