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Some topics that are very important to me, ones which I think of quite often.



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Birthday: 05/20

Hey guys! I'm Katie, and I'm 18 19 20 years old.
I strive to live my life with no regrets.
I also strive to view everything with a positive outlook.
I believe that loving one another is one of the most important things we can ever do for each other.
Well, here's the matter at hand: I don't really come on Gaia regularly anymore [as many of you may know],
but I may pop in here or there, so beware!
This website has changed a lot since I first joined in Middle school, but the memories and friendships that I've acquired over the years on this site have me bound in a way.
I apologize that I may not be able to offer much concerning intimate relationships, because I'm in college and won't have much spare time on my hands.
But conversation is one of the most enjoyable things to me, so feel free to leave me a message.
Goodbye for now~
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The Lady Desire Report | 03/22/2017 1:15 pm
The Lady Desire
I would have had SO much fun with that.
She probably justified it by you coming onto her man or something xd
She's nuts. I hope you screenshot that!
The Lady Desire Report | 03/21/2017 8:34 pm
The Lady Desire
OMG @ your status, someone REALLY said that at the sawmill???? That is hilarious xd
0urs Report | 10/08/2016 9:04 pm
Havent heard from you in a while heart
The Lady Desire Report | 10/05/2016 11:11 pm
The Lady Desire
Women are so oppressed by every nation it sickens me! America isn't even bad compared to where they have to live and deal with things elsewhere in the world.
There isn't anything that can make things magically better. For how developed and forward this country is I still am scared to let my daughter walk outside alone. I have been the one walking down the street being honked/screamed at and its terrifying. I just wanted to get coffee half a block from my apartment.....
This is why I am terrified for my daughter. I am seen as attractive still? Imagine how Quinn will feel when she is 15! I am terrified! If the children keep being desensitized by video games and TV it is only going to get worse... then I will walk my daughter to school. Also pick her up. I fear for her... being a female I know how scary it is.
The Lady Desire Report | 08/28/2016 2:01 am
The Lady Desire
Oh so true! I know we don't keep in contact as much as I'd like, but Katie if you ever need anything I am here. PM me and I can get you my new cell #.
Having a child puts your whole life on hold, yes. People are so horrible to children and here I am at home making my daughter the center of my world and somehow people STILL find a way to make me out to be bad. I swear it doesnt matter if I even go back to work or not... no matter what I do, someone is judging me. That is why Jordan and I decided to do what we thing is best. Period. Its our daughter, not ayone elses. It has made everything so much easier knowing I have him supporting me. Its incredible.
I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT ABUSED AND NEGLECTED CHILDREN. Jordan and I both want another (at least one, probably 2) and we know one may be adopted. We want that. We want to take on a child in need because we know we can give them a better, happier life. Also pregnancy was awful for me.... we want a big family but for my own health I don't think I can do it more than once more... I can't wait to see how Quinn grows up I'm so effing excited.

I hope you can understand this excitement... I never truly did until I had a kid. I never really thought about it, honestly.
The Lady Desire Report | 08/10/2016 11:18 pm
The Lady Desire
[size=11]That sounds like a rewarding career! I'm glad it also comes with job security, that can be hard to come by now a days! I'm sure you'll just slay grad school. You're so smart and focused. 

You'll be past it and working in no time! I'm still a little upset I didn't start school right away but I honestly feel like I've found my purpose as a mom. So many people look down on stay at home moms saying they are just "lazy so they don't get a job" Really, its a full time job and your breaks aren't regulated by a manager they are when your child sleeps, if you're alert enough to even do anything, that is.
I would much prefer to do what I love and maybe pick up a weekend job to make ends meet. Ideally I want to run an animal rescue, or at least work/volunteer at one. Jordan (my boyfriend) makes good money at his job its just a matter of waiting it out until he can manage a raise again and we can finally have our own place. I hate having roommates. I keep everything so clean having other people trash things and be sloppy and just... I hate it so much.

Anyway, getting off topic! It really is incredible how much we've changed and in how short a time span. I look at Jordan and I feel like we've hardly ever been apart but in reality its only been 3 years. Just... with how much has happened it feels like 10. I don't know how to describe it really. Time flies, but at the same time it drags on and on. Pregnancy felt like 2 years it was so terrible. I've moved a bunch of times, changed jobs, destroyed my body for this child... How can that only happen in just 3 years? Just insane. We used to look up to "grown ups" and now here we are being looked up to by young kids thinking "Oh no don't do that I have no idea wtf is going on"

Parenting, motherhood... I thought high school was hard? Quinn is about 3 months old and its all been harder than the entire high school experience combined. First of all my pregnancy was awful. Constant heartburn, she kicked me like a demon since 16 weeks (when my doctor would take her heartrate the kid would be kicking so much she just assumed all was fine, she was that active. While I was in labor she kept squirming and kicking the heartrate monitor off of her she never EVER sat still) OH AND LABOR, THATS ANOTHER THING.
I wanted an all natural birth. HAHAhahaHAshahaha.... 16 hours in I begged for the epidural. Got the drugs and labor was 24 hours total. Just insane. She was born may 15th at 1:11am. Amazingly I only had to push for 59 minutes. With how long I took to dilate I was terrified of pushing. Then after that we struggled with breastfeeding. She just could NOT latch and she made me bleed and favored one side so that one was super engorged while the other produced next to nothing. She lost a lot of weight after birth and then was terribly jaundiced so we had to bring her back every single day for the first week to have her foot stabbed for a blood sample to make sure her levels weren't too high. I supplemented with formula to try and get her weight back up and tried to give my boobs time to heal but the very first time I tried to nurse her again there was so much blood I gave up completely. She was basically getting blood and a side of milk. Come to find out a few weeks ago she has a tounge tie the nurses and lactation nurse missed and thats why she couldn't nurse. Still upset about that, but shes healthy..
The whole time I was failing at breastfeeding I was terribly depressed. Horribly. Never been more depressed in my entire life depressed. Postpartum depression is NOT something to ******** around with. I was not okay for probably the whole first month after birth......
Right now things are finally a bit better and settling down. Just terrified for teething soon because we'll go right back around with inconsolable baby....

I guess long LONG story short... I love being a parent, not having a baby. The physical act of carrying a child, birthing it, feeding... it is so hard. But I love
The Lady Desire Report | 07/28/2016 4:11 am
The Lady Desire
*hasn't proposed

that unfortunate typo
The Lady Desire Report | 07/28/2016 4:09 am
The Lady Desire
That sounds incredible I can't believe how long its been c: That job sounds great to me! I want to go back to my girl scout camps and volunteer time as a counselor, it would be awesome.
I'm so glad you found someone who makes you happy, too.
Once you finish school for that what career would you be pursuing? Just curious!

Lets see, what has changed... its been so long I don't even know where to start! I feel the same though, its been so long and I just want to know how you're doing!
But, I've been with the same guy for almost 3 years. I've known him since 8th grade but I wasn't ready to date him then he added me back on facebook a few years back and here we are XD We have a baby!!
We've lived together for 2 years. Currently I'm not working just staying at home with the little one. this is her as a teeny tiny newborn!
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Its so crazy how time flies. He has proposed YET but we have our future planned out so I am anticipating him asking soon.
The Lady Desire Report | 07/12/2016 1:16 pm
The Lady Desire
I see your avatar changed! I'm not sure when you logged on, I just noticed because no one really ever logs on now. Since your first on my friends I always see your avatar's head in the "friends" under my gaia... Anyway long story short its been way too long !!
How are you!? How is school? Life treating you well?
A lot has changed for me. Lots and lots eek
Dark Angel Ara Report | 03/27/2016 6:50 am
Dark Angel Ara
just screw this
The Lady Desire

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