Read this sh it bi tch VVV

hello ^-^ there peoples well my name is stephani and im a weird random socially akward person lol xD but i love to have fun and act like a total weirdo i dont really mad but if i do please dont bug me cause i tend to be a b***h. well now that i got that away umm lets see i love to skate i have a santa cruz long board....^-^m/ and i love love love music like music is everything to me p.s never pull an earphone out of stephanis ear she will pounce on you =^-^= lol well i listen to rock,old rock,metal,screamo,post-hardcore,country,country rock,very lil rap i hate pop classical and gospel. And no i just because i listen to metal and screamo music doesnt mean im emo okaii so people get your s**t straight okaii well message me add me idgaf (: just talk to me ^-^