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Birthday: 11/11


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N a m e [ [ J o s h / / J o h n ] ] but why? my middle name is John so I get called this too.The name runs in the family.

A g e [ [ 2 9 ] ]

I n t e r e s t e d I n [ [ M e n & W o m e n ] ]

G e n d e r [ [ M a l e ] ]

R e l a t i o n s h i p S t a t u s [ [ T a k e n ] ]

S i n c e [ [ 0 3 / 0 5 / 1 6 < 3 ] ]

[ [ 2 8 / 0 5 / 1 7 ] ]

F r o m [ [ N e w Z e a l a n d ] ]

I'm kinda a gamer =] my faves being :
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Devil May Cry
Star Ocean
Shadow Hearts
Jak & Daxter

And I also live for music =]

I've made afew great friends on here and I'm all for making some more so feel free to say hello.


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xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 06/17/2017 8:35 am
I'm doing alright, having trouble deciding which monitor I wanna get for my gaming pc project. That and thinking maybe I can't have an aquarium yet, I'm only allowed to keep it in my room but during summer my room is hot enough to feel like you got a sunburn even with the curtains down, the window is in direct noon sunlight and my room is on the second story. It probably would kill the shrimp.
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 06/15/2017 9:43 pm
Aww thank you! You're the only one to wish me a happy bday on gaia.
-big hugs-
How you been btw?
beckerz94x3 Report | 05/23/2017 4:24 am
What are the doctor's appointments for? (If you don't mind me asking ofcourse). I hope you're doing okay. o:
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 04/21/2017 10:59 am
No need to thank me, pleasure's all mine.
xXFoxfaceToastXx Report | 04/18/2017 6:40 am
Just wanted to say I'm proud of you for all your positivity and strength, you can do anything you set your mind to!
Dressphere Master Yuna Report | 04/14/2017 5:20 am
Dressphere Master Yuna
You`re very welcome Yuki-kun!
You have to send me picture of you two some day :3
Dressphere Master Yuna Report | 04/14/2017 5:14 am
Dressphere Master Yuna
That`s the spirit!
I wish you two all the best =>
Dressphere Master Yuna Report | 04/14/2017 5:08 am
Dressphere Master Yuna
I see... Sorry about that. 5 years is quite long time..
But nothing to worry since you`re in relationship with somneone else ^^
1 year is also long time, I hope it`ll keep going and give you two big fruits!
Dressphere Master Yuna Report | 04/14/2017 4:43 am
Dressphere Master Yuna
Right, I understand.
I believe that you were afraid that he will just use you, that`s all...
But now you don`t have to worry since you`re with your soulmate for over a year now if I`m not mistaken ^^
Congrats to you both!
Dressphere Master Yuna Report | 04/14/2017 4:36 am
Dressphere Master Yuna
Why`s that if i may ask?
Too many?