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I'm 36yrs old

I'm a mother

I'm a gamer

I'm a fanfiction writer. I have stories on, and Dokuga

I'm an artist

I love rock n roll

I'm a para rper

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DistantOne Report | 07/18/2017 10:27 am
haha its a bit endearing to know you have a history with chocolate X3. I shoulda! it was getting freakin annoying in there! lol
DistantOne Report | 07/16/2017 9:42 am
yoooou have a huge sweet tooth dont you? heh biggrin I went and played laser tag yestereday and I didnt do nearly as well as I would have liked >~< my friends on the other team were too strong.
Leidara Report | 07/11/2017 8:49 am
Thanks for buying ~ yum_puddi
NateTmi Report | 07/10/2017 7:23 pm
About maxy : She has not replied back to anything I sent her on gaia nor has she updated the accounts I know of. She dose have a facebook I could check on, but I don't normally use facebook. I am only on gaiaonline or twitter. If you want to contact her I would try her facebook.
NateTmi Report | 07/04/2017 5:50 pm
Your avatar looks interesting. Lets see. I had to pay $1000 to fix my teeth, 6 cavities cry but I will be fine, just expensive. Still making/editing some videos in my free time, and planning to upload something to a youtube channel, Mostly for the sake of memory, something for me to review. Hard to explain but I hope to start a youtube channel. Going to fix up my 2 gaia accounts at some time. I see ZOMG is working again and I have also set up kindred. I might use them as games to record well I talk about gaiaonline, something I am considering for youtube. Still working the same job I had B4 at the same restaurant. Not alot of excitement that I can think of. sweatdrop
DistantOne Report | 07/01/2017 9:34 pm
chocolate is good X3 hehe. I cheated last time I played o3o the other team had a like 5 year old boy and he lost his mom so I shot him in the back a lot till I leg him back to her >w>
DistantOne Report | 06/30/2017 11:44 am
oh thank you @w@ hehe you cant cheat like that! might as well bring a laser pointer with you if your gonna do that.
DistantOne Report | 06/25/2017 11:33 am
yesh! *has chocolate on his face*. well I guess I do go to kareoke...I wouldn't mind being the singer in a rock n roll band o3o
Laser tag is like paintball without the pain!
DistantOne Report | 06/25/2017 2:16 am
*stuffs them in his mouth* @3@ mmf. Well i'd like to rock out, but that costs money crying gonna play laser tag soon I hope.
DistantOne Report | 06/25/2017 1:50 am
wheee I get two! blaugh heh I'm trying to but it still kinda sucks...