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Creepers xD



An artist, 28 years old
you mostly can find me streaming in my Picarto Channel
I changed my free art policy to friends only, you may only obtain my art by art trading with me "must be same or higher than my skills level" or by commissioning me, but please if you think about that you should contact me to ask about my commission status, I really hate being swamped with commissions, makes it hard to focus and I fall under pressure easily x-x
about my personality? I guess I am complicated but it gets easier to understand me when you talk to me and actually get to know me more
I have a few friends who can understand me well, and I am really grateful to have them in my life, wouldn't know what to do without them

Profile is still U/C I will update/add to this when I can

Bruton Music- Out Of The Cold

ll Royo ll
II Royo II

♥♥ chibi by NiiHou ♥♥

Mule, also the older account

Picarto Stream
Skype: Ask

♥♥ chibi by Starsob ♥♥