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come thru and talk to me, we'll be close asf
cause I forget people on Gaia very easily...
I'm mean and savage but don't take me seriously aight
love me or hate me, I don't give a fuck :]
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ll ROWXN ll

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ya'll beautiful stalkas



"I got a better way to fight these demons,
Fuck do you know 'bout my pain?"

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Naege neomu manheun geol barajima
(Don't expect too much from me)
Nado geudael ilko sipjin anha
(I don't wanna lose you either)
Gipeojigi jeone sangcheo ipgi jeone
(Before things get too deep, before you get hurt)
Nal mitji marayo
(Don't trust me)

I know a lot of people and friends that mean a lot to me but aye shit happens cause you know too much to remember and sometimes I can't even remember at all. If I know you then i remember you and if I don't remember you then I either loved you or I don't remember at all lmao.
I just wanna thank you all for the memories and stuff on gaia cause it made me happier than having friends inrl.
Thanks to all the haters that made me learned some things, like fuck you cause you don't know me bitch. But seriously I got sm love for those ones that really hangout and talk shit with me and ya'll know who you are <3
So I'm gonna quit and keep things as it is and who knows, I may come back to Gaya when I'm lonely LOL I'm also glad that I make some people laugh and stuff but that's cause I love funny shit ;D
Take care all of you, watchout for hoes and creepy men/women on gaia and yea stay safe,be happy ^ ^
Mrs Fluffy Potato
your avi is cute
Teddy Frost
MoMo o v o

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Watashi No Dachi

so love me or hate me, I don't give a fuck :]

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