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Hey there, I'm Ericka, and yeah. I'm just an awkwardly funny person who plays golf and likes wearing anything with a floral pattern!
I'm Literally a mix of a whole bunch of stuff. I'm 37.5% Filipino, 25% Italian, 25% Polish and 12.5% Spanish. However, I consider myself white when it comes to ethnicity, since a larger part of me is European.
I'm a really energetic person, it's hard for me to sit down for too long haha. My poor teachers have to deal with me moving around a whole lot.
I play guitar and I sing. I love to break out harmonizing and all because, I love it! I can't lie, because I suck at it. I laugh so much it's not even funn- Yeah it's actually very funny. Lolol
My favorite colors are purple, blue, and sea foam green. I have a hatred for dark colors because before Hurricane Sandy hit, it was really dark out D: But I look nice in black. Awkward.
I plan on becoming a teacher. Either a special education or history teacher, haven't decided. I work with special kids often because of golf (I train kids joining the special olympics to play golf). I'm really bad with Algebra and all math types like, ever. Like, seriously. I was so bad, in fifth grade I had to be transferred from the normal math classes to the ones with the people who struggle with math. I never got past TRA. Or whatever they call the below average math courses. Not until my freshman year, where I was forced into Algebra I CP. and I somehow got low B's each marking period haha. Then I got into geometry and I ended up failing it. Whoops!
I listen to a lot of different music. You could give me the name of a band and I'd probably know five of their songs! My ultimate favorite band, however, is 5 Seconds of Summer!
I wear glasses btw. Lolol. Glasses don't make me sexy, I make glasses sexy.
Most guy's I've ever liked, their names began with a J o_o Awk. Well, except for two. Lololol. The other two started with the letter M.
I'm really independent. I never really liked it as a kid when people tried to help me, because I could easily do it on my own. I'd actually throw a fit ahaha. But now that I'm older, I let people help if they offer instead of complain about it because.. Hey! It's free help biggrin
I love the humidity and warm weather, unlike most people. I love having the sun in my face and being down at the beach and wearing only a bikini and a sun dress. Yeah, I hate clothes. And jeans. It's uncomfortable for me ahaha. Why does winter exist D:
I've been struggling with anorexia for almost four years now. After I recovered from it the first time, I've sort of been able to get over my body image problems. Occasionally I get back into the swing of it, but I have some of the greatest friends who help me out. I'm not too keen on talking about it, or talking to anyone about my body. If anyone makes a negative comment about my body, I kind of just panic because.. You know.
I'm very claustrophobic! There's been times where I have to ask my teacher to move my seat to the end of the row or closer to the door because I feel so crowded anywhere else. I need to be able to move around freely in order to feel comfortable.
I'm genuinely a very social person. I can become friends with people very quickly, so go ahead and talk to me if you want!
But if you're my crush or anything, I will probably get very flustered and blush. c:

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The Baking Fairy Report | 01/07/2017 12:01 pm
The Baking Fairy
this is mertato
Butterfly on my Shoulder Report | 06/13/2014 9:42 am
Butterfly on my Shoulder
You're welcome and thank you for the great prices! Have a nice weekend! biggrin
The Baking Fairy Report | 07/08/2013 6:03 pm
The Baking Fairy
The Baking Fairy Report | 07/07/2013 4:38 pm
The Baking Fairy
La Ribon Report | 05/29/2013 12:23 pm
La Ribon
This one person called me a noob bc I didn't know how to SS
La Ribon Report | 05/27/2013 6:17 pm
La Ribon
So I keep getting kicked out of crews on zOMG whenever I try to do the SS xD
ruuuuude people xO
La Ribon Report | 05/26/2013 8:57 am
La Ribon
XxEchoingSilencexX Report | 11/24/2012 6:22 pm
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Firerain is the one that's angry all the time XD Firerain's a cool name btw.
Yush I like him too, though I wish I could go further with his backstory but I know I'm already stretching the rules >_<
And no prob, I probably won't reply tomorrow anyway XD
XxEchoingSilencexX Report | 11/23/2012 4:06 pm
Life probably, a lot happen in two years - people graduate high school, start university, life in general sad
I'm on only because I'm a hermit XD
LOL you have a huge variety of cats razz Wait...which one's the shy one?
I'm taking a guess that Rainface is the depressed one, the other ones I have no idea lol
I have a tendency to go to extremes with characters...Ghostwhisper and Ebonysun are good examples razz
The worst part about creating a roleplay is drawing maps and making all those graphics @_@ *crawls off and dies after 5 hours of graphics*
Speaking of Ghostwhisper, you and Thistle just stopped after I posted, I'm all aloooooone crying
XxEchoingSilencexX Report | 11/23/2012 1:16 pm
GIRL POWERRR XD Man I really wish I was in Canada or America to watch the action lol.
I wish I was here back in 2010 sad The thing is, we can't really do much without a time skip cuz there's only so much you can do in the same day as the earthquake. Sucks >_>
A lot of your cats seem to be very cheerful *cough*Charmingpaw*cough*
Or maybe my cats are just too damn depressing lol.
Nah no prob XD I don't know if it'll work out anyway, just being hopeful. The last (and first) rp I made, I suddenly had to quit Gaia before things could take off. Bleh >_>


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Welcome to my wonderland <3

Learn about me <3

. : About me : .

Name:: Ericka
Sexuality:: I just do whatever man.
Nicknames:: Erka, CK.
Hair Color:: rn i got a partial balayage goin on so i'm partially blonde lol.
Eye Color:: My eyes are a really bright hazel, it kind of looks orange ahaha.
Piercings:: I have a piercing in my right ear.
Tattoos:: Lightning bolt behind my left ear that has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter
Sex:: Female.
Sport:: Golf
Food:: Whatever I'm in the mood for.
Drink:: Water
Time of Day:: Noon
Season:: Spring, Summer
Day of the Week:: Friday
Color:: Maroon and most shades of red.
Pet: Benny the chihuahua c:
Friends:: Too many to list

. : Do You : .

Shower Daily:: I shower twice a day on school day and over the summer, somedays I don't, but sometimes when I'm bored I take showers.. The most amount of showers I've taken in one day is 22.. Yeah I'm weird.. Deal with it..
Brush your Teeth daily:: Obviously.
Sing:: Yep
Dance:: If I go through tons of training, I can dance.
Drink:: Yep
Smoke:: yes
Read Books:: Sometimes
Have a Religion:; Atheist

. : Favorites : .

Band: Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Maroon 5
Movie: Forrest Gump
T.V. show: How I Met Your Mother, The Walking Dead, Freaks and Geeks
Song: Naive by The Kooks, UFO by Coldplay
Candy: Eh.
Animal: squirrels and geese
Number: The world my never know.
Body part of opposite sex: V-lines, smiles and eyes. I also have a hand fetish ahaha. Like, I like guitarist hands.

. : This or that : .

Pepsi or coke: Pepsi
McDonalds or Burger King: ******** Taco Bell.
Strawberries or watermelons: Watermelons c:
Hot tea or iced tea: Hot tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Hot chocolate or coffee: Neither lol
Kiss or Hug: BOTH
Rap or Punk: Idk man
Summer or Winter: Summer
Fall or Spring: Spring
Summer or Spring: Both
Winter or Fall: Fall
Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Funny. I can't watch scary ones D:
Love or Money: Love

. : Your : .

Car: "hey guys lets drive down to the shore in my ******** Honda Civic"
Crushes name: lolz
Style: Stoned rocker that never made it in the industry.
Bedtime: whenever
Most Missed Memory: Uncle Troy, and Pappa and Mamma(Grandparents)
Best Physical Feature: Eyes&dimples.
First Thought Waking up: "Where am I"
Goal for the Year: Do the best I can and never look back.
Best Friends: mert
Fear: Bugs, the dark, murderers.

. : Have you ever : .

Sat on a rooftop: Yep
Kissed someone in the rain: Yep
Danced in a public place: Yep
Laughed so hard you cried: I laugh uncontrollably when I laugh, so yeah
Written a song: I've written and completed enough to make an album.
Sang to someone for no reason: Way too many times
Performed on stage: Many times xD But I get kind of scared.
Talked to someone you didn't know: Some days, yeah.
Made out in a theatre: No, nor to I want to.
Been in love: I think everyone has by now.
Had near death experience: twice.
Sang in front of a large audience: Yep
Ever drank: Alcohol?: Hell yeah
Ever smoked: yes
Ever smoked pot: the devil's cabbage is love, the devil's cabbage is life.
Ever been drunk: Yes turnt up nyahahahaha
Ever been beaten up: Nope
Ever beaten someone up: Not exactly.
Ever been to therapy: nah
Ever shoplifted: I stole an eraser from the book fair when I was four. omg what a rebel.
Ever skinny dipped: ******** YEAH
Ever kissed the opposite sex: Yeah.

. : Can you? : .

Write with both hands: Lol, ******** no.
Whistle: yeah
Cartwheel: Nah
Blow a bubble: Yep
Roll your tongue: Meh.. Kind of?
Cross your eyes: Soo close!
Touch your tongue to your nose: It's my talent!
Lick your elbow: Look at the answer up there ^
Dance: If I practice the same dance moves over and over. I can do a routine.
Speak in a different language: Nah
Cook anything: Baking and breakfast foods are my ish.

. : Are you : .

A fighter: In what I believe in.
A lover: Yep
A War Freak: No.
A Heart breaker: Hell yeah
In Love: Of course c:
Bossy: Slightly.
Friendly?: Yes yes. I'm quick to welcoming people and all.

. : More : .

What is your current mood: Eh. Normal.
Does your crush like you back: Prob not lolz.
What makes you happy: Summer, swimming, dancing in the rain, making people happy, the beach.
Name one thing you do a lot: Make people laugh/smile
Name someone with the same birthday as you: A few kids from my school
Are you comfortable with your height: 5'5 is honestly perfect for me
Number of regrets: millions (I kind of wanted to type "no ragrets" wink
Countries I'd like to visit: Italy, U.K, and Australia.
How do you want to die: Knowing that I lived my life to the fullest extent and that I have no regrets.
Been to the mall lately: Yep!
Do you like thunderstorms: Definitely
Rain: I'll dance in it any day
Get along with your parents: Depends on the day
Health Freak: Very.
Do you think your attractive: Eh.
Believe in yourself: Eh.
Want to get married: I'm still debating, I'm not too keen on attachment.
Do you want to have children: Still not sure
Do you have your future kids names planned out: I'd lie to name my girl Emma Alexandria and my boy Zachary Safron.
Age you wanna lose your virginity: lol lil too late to ask this question.
Hate anyone: Only those who did me wrong too many times.
Theme song: Collide by Howie Day

. : Finish the line : .

If I were a: idk i have no idea what i wanna be rn.
I wish: That someone would just listen to what I have to say for once instead of cutting me off like most people.
I am: pretty fukkin chill.
My heart is: Beating.
Birthplace: Newark, New Jersey
Current location: Somewhere in New Jersey
Overused Phrase: "Swaggerific" "Even the best fall down sometimes"

Inside jokes! <33

Alli- Spoon/Coal/Holy Water
Erica+Kieran- Leaving Robbie at Outback to pay for everything
Gabby- Candycanes
Bree- Italian maids
Dana- How to eat without Mrs. Bryant catching us/ Greyson Chance/ *Plays drums on table* CIGARETTES!
Kieran- Going to Outback and making Robbie sit in the corner with a hat that say retard on it while we eat at the grown up table and make Robbie order from the kiddie menu.
Sam(Girl)+Erica- Shrimp from the dollar store!
Jack: Ryan and Nicole's love life!
Ryan+Jack+Nicole+Sam(Guy): Sex ed on the bus =.=
Nicole: Oh my god I sound like an old lady!
Emily: Garbageman/Pants = <3
Erica: Unicorn Land!
Jack+Nicole: Hey Jack, were two miles away from your house!
Lauren: Turtle Panini!
Nikki: Ding me a Dong

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