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Character Info:

Laurence │ Male │ mid-20s │ Unsure │ Android │ British
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About Me

♦ Yes I rp! Doesn't have to be my main character Laurence I have tons of characters here: I can use. I like 18+ but 'Story Driven', also no 100% romance rpgs, they get boring then, I like some violence/action etc. I highly prefer male pairings but I'm totally fine with fem/fem or fem/male. If your interested in rping with me, send on over a note ^ ^ I prefer rps via note(Here or Deviantart) or email(I use Gmail) over forums... if you have any other places to rp with, suggest them to me, I'm all ears.

♦ My current obsessions interests are: Infamous Second Son, Assassins Creed, Prototype, Bioshock Infinite, Fallout New Vegas, Mass Effect, L4D, Tf2, Portal 2, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Over The Garden Wall, 20s-50s music (Mainly 50s Rockabilly and 50s Classics), the greaser look / in general greasers ~, blood/gore/guts/horror, nsfw stuff êwê, Steampunk stuff, Medieval stuff, aside from retro 59s clothing I like vintage formal clothing (suits, bowties, vests, bowler hats, newspaper boy hats, suspenders etc.), the list could go on haha.

Best Mates: ElenaDanaConnie

My Main Account ----> Vitiatus


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" We will be the fire in your blood
we will be the vice of your desire

We will be the arms that lift you up and
we will be the hand that strike you down "

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Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes

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