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Don't Judge Me.

Don't Judge Me.
You Don't Have The Right To.
You Don't Know What I've Been Through.
You Don't Know What I've Felt..
Or Feel Right Now.
So Find Something Better To Do With Your Time Then Judge Someone You Know Nothing About.

ViViD 「Dear」

ViViD 「Dear」English Lyrics

If I'm with you I feel like I can go
someday to the place of my dreams on this painful and steep road
I will definitely walk over with you...

Smile? Smile? With a smile from the bottom of you heart wipe away your tears...
There will also be times when I hurt you... times when you stumble along...
Although you said that to me...

Like the countless people I've met and when the days we part finally come...
I feel like weren't a coincendence that I met you too...
I face tomorrow together with you... I laugh at trivial things together with you...
I think it was all happy as long as I was together with you

I am definitely not strong either, but because you are here, I can get stronger
I thought that living wasn't bad either... because I had been able to meet you...

I want to support each other and walk with you no matter what wall stands in the way
It's not as high as I think if we're together... Hold up your head?

Hey always... yeah always... I felt like you were by my side

Some day if the time comes when I can go to that place
Will we understand each other's joy? With the two of us taking each other's hands...

I want to walk forever with you, spread our wings and fly off more
I'll surely find it so I go straight forward without getting lost
I want to walk forever with you, we should be able to spread our wings out more
We should just go straight forward