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一代記 OH SNAP!

I'm Eddy!
That one Bermudian/British chickadee.
Ehe, but please don't practice your lame 'Bermuda Triangle' jokes on me;
Trust, I've heard them all before uvu"
I'm a pretty easy-going person;
Comes with the whole islander status.
I really enjoy fencing >
My weapon of choice being épée.
&& At some point in my life, I think I'd like to work for the UN.

Forgive me; I tend not to be very chatty.
But feel free to drop me a line though;
I'll always reply (*´・v・)

»ORAS QR Code« [★]

中田 ヤスタカ. Park Chanyeol. San-x. RILAKKUMA. Kuragehime. Ladurée.
Mario Kart. Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Semicolons.

Sweets. Cute things. Fashion. Pokémon.
Nintendo. CLAMP. Old School Shounen.

Meat (Yes; I'm vegetarian).
Anything remotely scary.
Uppity/Inconsiderate folk.
Possibly you; if you apply.

»ART« of Aminat & Rhys
by the incredible Messere Mana

[ My Little Art Collection ]



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