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Ouran, or Blue will do for now....(for a select: Blue Glue, Persona, or Oura - nicknames, eh.
A little about me...for starters I'm most often 99.9999% tolerant of most people. My music likes - R&B,Rap, and instrumental. My sign is a cancer. A former percussionist; I'm into graphics, Skyping, exotic sports, s, and nightlife scenery along with having a good laugh with good friends n' family. Other than that I'm a zOMG-goof like all the rest of the zOMGmers out there. =T PS: I can be non-chalot at times - not a super-conversationalist.

To sum up the rest---or points of interest: gaming, British-comedy-horror-zombie films (Doghouse <3), classical/psychological/realistic/fiction genera subjects (as you can see not a typical comedy story), and when I get in the mood: making doodles, and irrational backgrounds like the one on my profile.

What I like to do on Gaia? I guess you can figure that out for yourself now if you read everything.

Now, the simple breakdown....
Why this username was not and has nothing to do with Ouran Host the animation. <o<

"Ouran" = oranges broken down into pronunciation.
Oranges make most people smile. (I have no interest in oranges themselves).
I like to keep positive, so it stuck. The "Blue" part just came as an minor attachment to one of favorite animated characters dying off in a animated series I liked way back. So yeah if you're to translate this the user after the explanation it would be "frowning oranges." Somewhat contradicts my personality, if you read said things here n' there.

[Sticky#1] Dislikes? Keeping the list short...noobs (not newbies), "gangstas", jerkfaces, durg-loons, sickos, and %^8&$ key lime flavor! D< If you match any of these descriptions please leave. I'm not being mean I just don't want any trouble. Know this doesn't include the key lime. As some people have asked me before. xD