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Report | 05/17/2013 4:54 pm

Isabella Vandella

omg a unicorn <3333333333333333333333333333 heart heart heart heart heart heart heart 4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
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Report | 05/04/2013 9:30 pm

Isabella Vandella

thats wonderful i am happy for you sir safe travels to you ^_^
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Report | 05/04/2013 8:59 pm

Isabella Vandella

i have been great x3 i just havent been for a while and now im back X3
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Report | 05/04/2013 7:29 pm

Isabella Vandella

cool lets hop along the bunny trail lolz X3 how ya been buddy ...swwy i know im random its been forever buddy xp
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Report | 04/05/2013 6:02 am

Sketchy Desh

hellu? emotion_kirakira
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Report | 03/30/2013 7:14 pm


yay xD and i went back and looked i started on Chapter 3 o.o man time flys like crazy
i think i wanna re read it again
o 3o
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Report | 03/30/2013 9:05 am


im a huge fan been reading it since the 2 vol came out
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Report | 03/29/2013 2:00 pm


Oh my gosh. You play League of Legends?
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Report | 03/29/2013 1:47 pm


U sir like Kimi No Iru Machi?
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Report | 03/24/2013 1:03 am


lmao, haaaiii booty hole;
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Report | 03/20/2013 12:31 pm


everyone was ;A; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh poor cas!!!!!!!!!
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Report | 03/19/2013 9:49 pm


That's awesome! :3
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Report | 03/19/2013 6:38 pm


Thanks! Yeah, it really does. xD

I don't blame you. xD Hot weather is uncomfortable. I prefer cool or mild weather. uwu
All right, good luck! :3 Talk to you later!
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Report | 03/19/2013 5:52 pm


It wasn't charging correctly. >:

Really? Cause here humidity just makes it feel much hotter than it actually is... so I really hate it. >w<
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Report | 03/19/2013 4:25 pm


That's true. c: I'll have to look for a decent one when I get my laptop back. u.u

Oh, I see. *o* That actually sounds kind of nice to me... though I can imagine the humidity is pretty bad. D:
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Report | 03/19/2013 3:56 pm


Well, that always works! xD Hopefully there's some good tutorials online on how to do it.

Aww. I'd send you the snowstorm if I could. >: We get tons of it where I live... so I get pretty sick of it. xD
Oh sounds like fun... I mean aside the essay part. orz
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Report | 03/19/2013 1:46 pm


Oh, that's what my friends do too.
Where do you get blank cartridges though? o.o

I'm doing all right... not too happy though cause it's snowing... again. ;-; I just want it to go away all ready. xD
How about yourself? :3
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Report | 03/19/2013 12:02 pm


Yeah, that's true. xD

Oh, I never thought to find a rom for it... I usually only do that for old game systems. xD
But I'll definitely have to look for it... though I'd prefer a cartridge.
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Report | 03/19/2013 11:23 am


Aww... well most mangas are better than the animes at least. :3

Oh, I like Pokemon, Fire Emblem and Super Smash too! o:
I've been wanting to play The World Ends With You, but I can never find it. u.u
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Report | 03/18/2013 10:23 pm


Sure! :3 Just need to get some decent pictures of them. uwu

Ah. xD Well, don't worry too much about taking up too much space... I don't mind. :3
Oh, I love Fairy Tail! Though I watch the anime instead of read the manga. u.u
For mangas, I like Deadman Wonderland, Deathnote, .Hack//, and the Puella Magi Madoka Magica spin offs.
I usually watch animes more, since they're a bit more convenient for me. u.u
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