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Who I am :P <3

Hallou everyone! I'm lizzie smilies/icon_biggrin.gif! It's nice of you to click over to my profile!

~My Gaia life!~

Well to start off with I've played gaia for a very long time! and it's so much fun to be on here though you normally won't see me in the towns but who knows one day you might be lucky to see me there, though I don't go to the towns, or virtual hollywood or anything like that very often it's rare that I go. I'm normally always doing something to do with typing and communicating on here weather it's; journal entries, posting in the forums, typing up comments for friends and those who by my stuff off of the marketplace, and IMing. You will always probably find me in a game room I love playing tiles! Tiles is my favorite so I'm almost all the time always there but if not there normally pinball and jigsaw. I don't normally fish on here I just don't like it so I don't do it makes sense right? Also I love typing up my journal entries it's one of my favorite things to do along with updating and creating my profile once every month or so. I love to make new friends and chat with people so feel free to send me a private message or type me up a comment, i will most likely always respond on the same day it may be a little later then you sent the message but I promise to always get back once I get on gaia.

~My Real life!~

Alright my real life isn't really that exciting but I'll just give you a tiny excerpt of what it's like sound cool? smilies/icon_smile.gif Alrighty well I'm a senior in high school! wooo! last year finally. It's like you see the same people and your in the same place and it just gets old after a while so I'm pretty much ready for college. I do a lot of community service work! I love helping out the community in anyway that I can one thing that I do is every Sunday I work with a kindergarten class this year for religious school which is really fun but it gets so tiring by the end of the day trust me I feel like finding my bed and plopping down on it and falling asleep. On Saturday's I bowl on a bowling league (starting in the fall) and it's a lot of fun it's the most social interaction I get on Saturday's other then Iming friends over facebook and coming on here and then there is always me with my deviantart page. Uhm! what else.... hmmm....... There is more I promise but I'm going to stop here so I can talk about my interests and hobbies which is going to be a long list ha-ha so get ready smilies/icon_razz.gif

~Interests and Hobbies!~

I decided to number these instead of making a long paragraph like I did in the two sections above.

1. Writing (Short stories and poetry) - Alright yes I love to write as you can tell by how long my about me section is but that's okay smilies/icon_smile.gif I do type a little more then others but it gets my point across in a more descriptive manner. Not everything type though is long just so you know for example when I IM someone I'm practically short sweet and too the point since your typing live to someone it just depends on what i'm typing.

2. Drawing and Art (Traditional and Digital art mediums) - Art! wooo! one of my favorite things now just to point out I'm mostly a digital artist and a lot of my stuff goes onto my deviantart page though sometimes I get to busy to post a lot onto my deviantart so I post less things on there now but I do post a lot of my stuff on there if you want to see my deviantart page feel free to ask. I normally work in Photoshop and Illustrator and a little in 3Ds max a little less in 3Ds max because now I'm not in the class with the 3Ds max program so I only get to make 3D models now sometimes. But yeah I love to 3D model and animate actually that is what I want to do for a living so I'm trying to get better and better at it as time goes on. I normally do sketches with my drawings both tradition and digital just so you know, so they will have that sketch looking effect there not really straight lines I made an attempt at straight lines and eh it didn't turn out as well as I hoped.

3. Dancing (Belly dance, Hip-hop, ballet, point toe, jazz, tap, hula, etc.) - I'm a huge dancer and always love to learn more when it comes to it. Last summer I worked as a belly dancer instructor along with the instructor that taught me so that was a lot of fun! I've been dancing since I was 7 and since then have tried out so many mediums of dancing and it is so much fun! my most favorite dances to do so far have been; Hula, Hip hop, and belly dancing. Really there simple moves just all put together when dancing, i tried ballroom dancing and I'll be honest I hated it with a passion lol smilies/icon_biggrin.gif

4. Playing Instruments (Cello, Guitar (Acoustic and electric), Violin (Electronic and regular), bass, piano, keyboard, flute, recorder, drums, and a few others.) - Yeah I know a lot of instruments right? that's what everyone says when I tell them. I love to learn many new things which explains why I know how to play so many instruments and trust me I play all of them well. I love the sound of instruments and so I wanted to try a lot of different ones out and practice different ones, so in a way I'm a multi instrumentalist in this case.

5. Singing (Rap, and just singing for fun)- Yes okay now before you judge me yes I am white and yes I can rap so many people get surprised because of my race but really no matter what color you are you can do so many things. I freestyle most of the time which at first was hard for me and now it's all like a piece of cake. My friends knew how to rap so I just kinda self taught myself so I could join in and wouldn't be so left out when around that one group of friends that I have. Now I wouldn't say that I'm record deal good but I'm good like I can do freestyle rap battles and things like that through school I wouldn't go to a club or something and be like RAP BATTLE hell no xDDD I also love to sing I'm not sure about my voice my friends say I sing well but I'll be honest since I can't really hear myself when I sing I don't really trust them. But yeah singing is fun! I love doing Karaoke when I can that's fun!

6. Video games- Huge Video games lots of FPS, RPG, Simulation, and fighting games! puzzle games are alright too but I only play those when I'm extremely bored with my life and that's pretty much rarely for me smilies/icon_smile.gif


To start off with I'm a very outgoing person but like anyone I do have my shy side which I dislike a lot of the time but sometimes it saved me. For example if someone I like is by me I get shy and my outgoing self hides in a vault until they leave. That's just how I am. But normally I always go up to people and introduce myself like all the time and I love to talk loud when outside it's fun but I don't do it a lot only when I'm around my random group of friends who love doing things like that. EXTROVERT FOR THE WIN!!!
I'm very nice and respectful to everyone that I meet I always have a smile on my face and I normally don't say anything that could hurt or offend someone that just wouldn't be right. I always keep things that any of my friends or family tell me confidential unless told otherwise, I'm like a vault people come to me when they have a lot on their mind and need help or need someone to talk to or be around with and issue that's going on, etc. I'm always there and I love all of my friends even if I just met them a few days ago.
I'm a very random person and trust me random people are fun! Another thing I'm the life of the part wherever I am and wherever I go that's just me I love to go to school dances and parties all the time whenever I'm invited I'm just like YEAH!!!! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!!! xDDD
There is more but the rest of me is a secret you have to find out by talking to me to find out the rest of who I am smilies/icon_razz.gif


Really that's about it thank you so much for visiting my profile and reading my extra long about me section! smilies/icon_razz.gif I hope you know a little more about me now and I can't wait to see a lot of you around smilies/icon_smile.gif


Thankies for Visiting :D

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Over le Seas
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Wow, your wishlist is overflowing. o.o
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I don't do art I commission it
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hey we need to talk :
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Hey best person EVER!!! xd
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Xx Aisec xX
thanks dear for shopping heart sweatdrop
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you do know each box of chocolates tells you what is in side. lol!

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This Journal is all about me and my life experiences as well as the experiences I happen to have here on gaia as well. *note: Just keep in mind that I am a writer and enjoy writing a lot so if my entries are really long that would be the reason.*