I am Living Eternally. Feel free to call me Living Eternally, Melszne, or Melanie.
Don't call me "Mel."

I Will Never Ever Forget Mother_of_Fairys

saiuzaru is my loverr

The Lord is my Savior and I am his Soldier.

Offer me an RIG, and I'll hit you a headshot or cheeb ;3

I'm anon-ing!
If you feel like donating to the cause, then RIG's are my favorite; however, anything donated or won by me will not be sold. If I think the item will be of use to me, then I'll keep it. If not, it'll be anon'd to someone more deserving!
Spread the gold!

Want to know more? Well, then you'll have to PM me or Comment on my Profile and try to start up a conversation! I'll try my best to be nice!