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Hi, please call me Nana or Absit. I am a male to female pre-Op transsexual. I am going through a lot of changes I think should have happen back when I was a child. But that's the past. I have always felt female since I was a child. No matter how maybe boy toys I was bought, I never seemed to be interested in them. But I am a strong person. I'm very much into role-playing. I'm into a lot of settings and stories when it comes to rp. I like playing transsexual characters a lot of the time because I know their mind-set more. I am into some...taboo stuff as well (like bondage), but ONLY in role-plays. I am not interested in a relationship with men. I'm making sure people can see this part for reasons of my own. I don't mind answering questions in PMs. Also please send your RP request to my PM box as well.

I like things...a lot of things...just like...ask or something...I hate adding to the list now...

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demon shandii Report | 08/25/2016 4:22 pm
demon shandii
Taokaka Report | 08/12/2016 11:00 am
Yer a butt
loveless9003 Report | 06/24/2016 10:14 pm
Been forever since I read it, but yes it was highly enjoyable.
-l_ Nyreen _l- Report | 06/06/2016 11:16 am
-l_ Nyreen _l-
Your tail is super fluffy! eek *snuggle snugs Living*
-l_ Nyreen _l- Report | 05/16/2016 6:48 pm
-l_ Nyreen _l-
ALL THE HUGS! emotion_hug
Squid Kitty Report | 02/01/2016 11:39 pm
Squid Kitty
*Blushes and flails my arms about* N-nyah~ >///A///<;;
I'm more like squid then cat and maybe half kid. lol.
Squid Kitty Report | 02/01/2016 11:27 pm
Squid Kitty
It's okay if you don't remember, it was some time ago. Pfft, I-I'm not cute. cat_redface
Squid Kitty Report | 02/01/2016 11:18 pm
Squid Kitty
*Pokes you* Hi there, I remember you. You've left a comment on my mule some time ago~
I just wanted to say hi~ n_n
Shi-Snow-Bi Report | 01/30/2016 8:28 pm
Ice cold indeed
LittleShyEve Report | 05/04/2015 10:07 pm
But the kindness that's spoken wink

How are you today?

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