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Carnival of Plagues Report | 01/19/2014 1:56 am
Carnival of Plagues
I'm actually very good. c: You?
Carnival of Plagues Report | 01/18/2014 7:27 pm
Carnival of Plagues
Hello old friend! :3 It's me xXHer_Emo_AngelXx c:
Dark_Angel_Cloud17 Report | 11/25/2012 8:31 pm
heys long time biggrin
O IVI E G A Report | 07/19/2012 11:26 am
"AWWWW SHUCKS! > w < Stawpit you...
:3 Glad you liked it!
I love The Cab XD"
Somber Daze Report | 03/15/2012 4:46 pm
Somber Daze
I got Lord of the Rings books .w . What can I say? I'm a nerd at heart.
.A . That puppy just doesn't like to listen sometimes. I say "no" and sometimes she's just like "Yo, eff you."
Are the cakes tasty? emotion_drool Mmmm Cake.
D: Aw how did you burn it? I still hate getting super glue on my fingers, it feels all weird and junk, how did you get super glue on you anyway?
.A . Wish there was a park around here.
What movie did you see?
I've been thinking of changing my makeup and junk, I know not the most exciting thing , but still something to think about, for me and ways. I was going to brighten it up a little bit.
I wanted to try a new hairstyle too, still not very exciting, just whats on my mind.
Somber Daze Report | 03/15/2012 3:55 pm
Somber Daze
._. *pokes unreal brownies*
I made a new character for my short film, it's sort of coming together.
I'm learning how to sculpt now, thats going pretty well.
I keep wondering what kind of clay I'm going to use when I start to film, or if I'm going to use clay at all.
I'm having a little trouble with the story, I don't know I was thinking about having it be about maybe 6 or 7 different people and have them intersect between each other.
Like, have every character have their own story, and then switch from theirs to the next one.
I got some new books, >w< But it's to loud at my cousins house so I can't really read them.
Plus I keep getting distracted, by the internet x. x curse you and your funny pictures.
The puppy is good, she learned to sit and what "no" means, and "stop it." "get out here" and she answers to kissy sounds and slapping your leg. When she has to go outside she goes by the bathroom door then to the door leading outside, she's pretty smart, she's just biting a lot .A .
How about you? What have YOU been up to?
Somber Daze Report | 03/15/2012 3:44 pm
Somber Daze
yum_strawberry yum_donut yum_cupcake yum_pie yum_puddi yum_strawberrypie
x. x I could too,
I was going to have a brownie but they were all gone Dx
Somber Daze Report | 03/15/2012 3:35 pm
Somber Daze
D: Oh noes~!
I've been stalked~
Someone call the FBI!
lawl biggrin
Somber Daze Report | 11/20/2011 7:53 pm
Somber Daze
:3 Happy Birthday

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joe5353 Report | 11/20/2011 3:03 pm
Somber Daze

Hi. owo "How dare you make a fool of me?" e.e