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I'm only 13, but I'm smart. My algebra1 grade is at a B,and I have A's in all my other subjects. I'm full-blooded Filipino, but I was born and raised in America. In real life, im normally quiet especially when im only around people who don't know very well, but when im with my friends, its a completely different story.
><><><><><><>< My Favs ><><><><><><><><
colors: black, red, blue, and purple
things 2 do: draw, listen 2 music,........And hang out and act random and crazy with my friends!!! LOLZ!!!
bands: FallOutBoy, Green Day, Nickleback, Paramore, Boys Like Girls,Linkin Park, and a bunch of other stuff
Fave Quotes
"Evil beware, we have waffles."-Raven from Teen Titans

"We clinb ten stories up a laundry chute, we've got nothin' BUT nerve."-Zack from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody

"We wouldn't have swine flu if we treated the pigs better!"-Jim Carey from the MTV Movie Awards

*singing* "If you're playing Edward Cullen, put yo hands in the air. If you're playing Zac Efron, put yo hands in the air. If you got no arms, put yo hands in the air. If you like to party, put yo hands in the air. If you party too much, you're that guy there.*points to random guy who put his hands up at the"party too much" part*-Andy Sanburg from the MTV Movie Awards

" I'm not a midget. I'm a Fleprechaun- a Filipino leprechaun!"-me

"Be careful. There's a hospital nearby, so the men in the white coats can take us to the happy place any time now."- me

"We come in havoc." "No, screw havoc, we come in stupidity."- (first sentence)- random 6th grader on meh bus (second sentence)-me

"Whoever invents a perverted retard repellent will become very rich."-me

*watches said retards wreek havoc in class* "Imagine, these are the people who will someday rule the country..... we're all gonna' die."- my friend, Carrissa

"Tiffani, you really need to pay attention more." *2 seconds later, Tiffani runs to window, stares outside, and yells,"TRUCK!!!!!!!" *I face-palm myself*- conversation between me and my friend, Tiffani

(Carrissa)," I need gum!" (me) *spots classmate wearing t-shirt that says 'come to the darkside, we have cupcakes', and then whispers to Carrissa,"Psst, come to the darkside, we has gum!" (Carrissa) "Ooh, I WANT GUM!"- conversation between me and my friend, Carrissa

"You fail at life. NEXT!"- Iruka from Naruto Abridged Series

Teacher: *is singing and pointing as the lunch line passes byO.O* "The animals come marching in one by one, hoorah,hoorah..."
Person in front of me: "Is it just me, or did he just call us animals?"

Tiffani: *on her fifth bowl of macoroni*
Zia: *to Tiffani* "You are a disgrace to the name of eating like a girl."
Me: "She is a disgrace to the name of eating like a modern human."
Tiffani: *talks with macoroni in her mouth* "I am a caveman! Yes, I just announced that!"

Me: *whispering to Carrissa* "Carri-ssa, the she-devil stole Sam's se-at."

Savanna: *everybody watches 2 people arguing at our lunch table* " This ain't cable, this is live!"


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What is the item you're wearing that makes your avi look like that? o- o
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Reaper of Dead Souls
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