Minteh is 18 years old (July 11th) and she is currently a senior in high school, I'm a toe-walker so I generally get bullied about it, the internet is kind of my save-haven to stay away from people in school.
I'm a LET 3 1/2 JROTC student, Cadet Pvt (was once a Staff Sergeant and platoon sergeant but was demoted)
I LOVE archery, I play Skyrim as a archer all the time and I do play other games too that I have Archery characters in. :3

Things I like:
The color blue
My boyfriend Zakky :3 No touchy~
My cat, she is my world and if I lost her...I would be so alone.
Food...I love food, italian food more.

Things I hate:
Math 3:<
JROTC camp ( had a horrible experience there, traumitized me badly.. )
Drunks (family experience)

Things I play:
3DS/DS: LoZ(90% of the games in my collection), Naruto games, Assassin Creed: Bloodlines, Mario games ect
PS3:...skyrim(All DLCS), God of War 3, Assassin Creed Revelations/(soon) black flag
Xbox 360: just about every action game you can think of including assassin creed( 1, 2, brotherhood~) I do have CoD collection but i refuse to play it, my dad loves it.
Wii: LoZ(Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword)
I have PC games too including Oblivion(two DLCs) and Sims and Skyrim.


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little mintchan and her memories^^

i have alot of memories from my old account but its good to make new ones^^


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I'm glad to hear it. Take care of yourself! heart

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I would advise against slamming your head into pretty much anything... at least for a couple weeks, if not a month.
-X Duo Yiro X-

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-X Duo Yiro X-

pokes harder blaugh
-X Duo Yiro X-

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-X Duo Yiro X-

poke blaugh

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Just wanted to say I love you

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Oh no! Why would you cut your finger with a knife?! That sounds like a bad idea.

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*gives a big, prickly hug* emotion_kirakira

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*falls into a cactus* crying

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o.o *poke*
I Tortured Sleep I

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I Tortured Sleep I

Lonely Road...


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19yrs old // Engaged // College student
Alchemy Quest: Bee March
Happy Buzzing Bee: 11 // 100
Magical Transformation Wand : 43 // 100
Mintehs poke farm...

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