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Sooooo lets start off with introductions
Name: you can call me Kumo but if you ask i'll probably tell ya my name
Age: old enough thats for sure
Location: somewhere in NY

I'm a pretty well forward person who is really nice.
Can be awfully chatty if you catch me on here which is rare now.
I got a boyfriend about two months ago and too boot he lives at my home for the moment because of his situation but i don't mind.
This is what has put a dent into my gaia time i just don't get on much anymore but if you do happen to see me on go a head and try to catch me before i log off!
in any form.~

By the way! i have a quest thread! you can find me there.


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Mistress Thorn 7 Report | 11/01/2017 7:31 am
Mistress Thorn 7
Hi Kumo!! :hugs:
DorkyBerries Report | 07/28/2017 7:52 am
you can get a lot from grinding lk (milky way)

indeed i hope they give out more free cash LOL
DorkyBerries Report | 07/28/2017 7:27 am
you can get some good stuff
from hell portals 3nodding

i dont buy gc
the free gc i get i use to buy powerups for zomg lol
DorkyBerries Report | 07/28/2017 7:14 am
XD same
i dont get anything good from it
even though i keep hoping i would

I just play lk and zomg for gold
DorkyBerries Report | 07/28/2017 6:59 am
aww am so sorry for your loss heart emotion_hug

I use it for general chatting
and zomg lol

I hope so i want them haha
if not saving here i come
DorkyBerries Report | 07/28/2017 6:38 am
aww how come?

am good just chatting with my friends on discord
and looking at the new gatcha items lol
i cry so many items i love emotion_facepalm
DorkyBerries Report | 07/28/2017 6:23 am
hows it going
DorkyBerries Report | 04/23/2017 12:29 pm
They should have classes we can sign up for lol
DorkyBerries Report | 04/23/2017 8:51 am
Same here
They should totally teach us their ways 3nodding
DorkyBerries Report | 04/23/2017 8:45 am
At least it's not 10 or higher XD


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Happy Little Kitten
owned~ heart

Quote any of my post i'm always willing to chat! emotion_kirakira

RIP Puffy 8/3/13 emotion_bigheart

My Quest thread
Come Drop by! emotion_bigheart

Art By: Vo-neko!


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