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I am Lili, aka Little Fuzzy Bunneh. I am Twenty-Six years old, my birthday lands on April the Twentieth. I am a furry, but I do not really associate myself with otherkin. And yes, I am quite the oddball and am into a lot of unusual things.

I am an artist and enjoy drawing anthropomorphic creatures.

I so also enjoy music and would consider it a big part of myself. My general preference in musical taste generally revolves around metal, power metal and folk metal being my favorites. I do occasionally listen to other genres such as techno, classical, and pop.

Yes, I do partake in roleplay, but please keep it clean. My roleplay setting preferences are steampunk and/or fantasy. I do post paragraphs and I am literate. If you are interested, feel free to drop me a PM. Though be warned, I'm not exactly all that great with coming up with plots. And please, for the love of everything unholy, do not make the roleplay romance based, it gets boring fast.

And I am a friendly lady, so don't be afraid to talk to me.

Avi Questing
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For examples of my art, visit my DA or my FA.

I do have an etsy page for those who want to pay with real money.
Paypal: liliumokain{at}hotmail{dot}com
{Don't forget that I have bills to pay too)

As far as Gaia Commissions go, here is a rough estimate price guide.

Sketch - 10k
Flat Colour - 50k
Shaded - 100k
Portrait (head only) - 5k
Bust and up - 10k
Waist/Hips and up - 25k
Knees and up - 50k
Full Body - 100k

10k for extra character

Original characters
Canon characters

Toilet related stuff

PLEASE NOTE: Send the RLC or GG first! Thanks to a certain spoil sport, I will not longer do payment after the completion of the illustration.
If there's any issues, you will be refunded, but I would like to get paid for the hard work I put into each image.
Deathgod of Legend
Little Fuzzy Bunneh