Salutations! I'm Dolly!
I came back from a year hiatus from living overseas in Japan.
I'm from Australia and I'm 19
I'm a full time student and work on weekends a lot so coordinating RP time is a bit of an icky situation but I love to write.

I have a lot of pets, like a lot.
I have three cats, one diamond python, 6 water dragon lizards and a plethora of chickens and ducks.

I have migraine issues that occur every now and again, it partially blinds me for a small amount of time and leaves me feeling out of whack for a couple of days. I apologise in advance if I don't make coherent sense and seem incredibly lacklustre when it happens, I can't guarantee that my RP posts would be great either.

I like a lot of things and I don't particularly have an all time favourite of anything, it all depends on the mood.

I do Kyudo, it's a Japanese archery that wields bows up to 2 metres. It's a pretty interesting style of archery that I've picked up in Japan. Check it out because it is pretty neat (absolutely not a bias opinion, nope).

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