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I'm an 19-years young Asian engineering student, who stands 5'2" short, weighs almost 120 lbs, and has a skittle body shape, with tan skin and cool undertone, shoulder-length dark brown hair, dark brown hooded round-ish eyes, downward-turned full lips with very defined cupid's bow, and crooked teeth. Also, I'm the least hairy person I know.

Personality-wise, I have no idea how to explain myself.

A couple of other random things about me:
( ) I have a hitchhiker's thumb, intentional scars, and a barely noticeable somewhat deformed finger on my right hand, which I got by getting stepped on when I was a baby.
( ) I dislike my nose, so I might go under Rhinoplasty by 2016.
( ) I don't have favorites.

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