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Gender: Female

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Birthday: 03/27

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Impossible Dreams ♪



About me + Art!

(Sometimes my music is loud, you have been warned.)

Welcome to my profile! ♪ Here's a little bit about me:

♦ You can call me Ami or Tea, whichever one floats your boat.

♦ I'm a girl. ♀

♦ Former user.

♦ I love anime, manga and Vocaloid. Maybe a little too much, who knows?

Fun Fact: My user name is actually LittIe Tea, but it looks like Little Tea~
Did I fool you? Sorry! ^-^

Questing: Digital Music Mystery Drama (x2)

Hey, I like comments!
( It's a link to add a comment >o> )

I'm probably on hiatus by the time someone reads this. If you happen to comment, PM or anything of sorts, I won't answer until.. Well.. I have no idea.
That doesn't mean you can take Komaeda and Clear away from me when I'm gone. They're mine D:<

Art that was drawn for me:
By: Oriyamei
By: Officer Vi
By: I_Poop_Biggest
By: Eukleides
By: Corrupted Genesis
By: Anon (received in an anon gift)
By: Yaoi Buddy
By: spills milk
By: legend of link
By: Kimochi warui desu

Previously: Amile772

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