The name's Ross
19 From The UK
Yes i have a British accent, you only need to ask to hear it =w=

If you need to contact me, my skype is Rossloynd
If you have the urge to talk, please do It's always a nice surprise
If you require art for free or practically nothing, you let me know and I'll see what I can do (But something in return will always persuade me)

If you've got this far, you must be interested o:
well I'm not one to disappoint, much.

Likes etc.
I like Video games, more specifically the likes of The Legend of Zelda (I have too much merchandise dear god.), Guild Wars 2, the Metal Gear Franchise, Hearthstone, Monster Hunter, Pokémon (My favourite is Arcanine.), Dynasty Warriors and just a bunch of others, you can find me on steam if it intrigues you that much c:

Music-wise I'm pretty open to anything, usually all I need is a good guitar riff and I'm in love with a song, one minute I'm listening to metal, the next some indie stuff
favourite all time band would be Avenged Sevenfold
favourite band over the past few years, Machinae Supremacy
favourite song right now, Rainbowdragoneyes - Heavy Weather: The Storm ov The Undead

Food wise, pizza, takeaway food, I'm pretty predictable.

Programme wise I love me some Anime, in order from favourite to lesser favourite, Log Horizon, Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan, Soul Eater, No Game No Life, D.gray-man, Deathnote. (I have my opinions, shush)

What do I dislike?

Not much honestly, those who boast their characters on Gaia to make up for what they aren't in real life, (not all, but the amount of times Mr/Miss 10 Katanas, Ninja Headband, Golden Laurel McEgomaniac has shown up, they've never been humble about it.)

What do I do daily?

Well a couple days after I write this, I'm starting University so I guess I'll be doing that s'more once it starts, when I have free time I just watch videos or spend the whole day choosing what game to play, to then get bored of it within 10 minutes or spend my time til' 7am playing it.

If that's not enough info for you, my PM is always open, I'll be here c: