Welcome to my humble abode! You guys can call me Lissia or Lissa which ever you prefer. I'm formally known as Raynie Tesslus, I had that name for years and decided that it was time to change it.

27. Female. Bi. Sandwich Artist. Whovian. Gamer. Potter Lover. Daydreamer. Warcraft Addict. Final Fantasy Junkie. Legend of Zelda Historian. Twilighter.

Yeah I went there, I used the words "Whovian" and "Twilighter" and a bunch of other words in the same sentence. Get over it. smilies/icon_smile.gif
I have siblings. Older and Younger. There are some I love more then others.

I'm not taken and I don't really want to be. I just like the company.

Been to the UK and lived in 3 different states.
Born in New Jersey, Homestate is North Carolina.
Not a Southern Belle. Still a Jersey Girl at heart who misses the beach from time to time.

Hot-tempted. Not always easy to get along with. Quiet and Indecisive.
High School Graduate. Head of Household.

I have a best friend, her name is Reiko Akio, I love her to death, she's my bestie. We've been through hell and back but I'm glad she's always there when I need her.

PS, I don't like random friends requests...Talk to me and get to know me first and then ask to be my friend...or send me a request then smilies/icon_3nodding.gif ***Friend's Requests are turned off for now...PM me if you want to be my friend***

None at the moment

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You're welcome! ^^

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Thank you for the items. <3

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Yes XP
Boobs and booty

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Boobs and booty

Thanks qt! emotion_hug emotion_kirakira

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Thank you for being so generous i Love the wings!
Blue Infinity

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Blue Infinity

Thanks!! heart

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Thanks for buying Dear! 3nodding
Obviously A Wizard

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Obviously A Wizard

Thanks so much for buying 4laugh Enjoy your item ^^

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I'll never be able to thank you enough! heart

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Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3 <3 heart heart heart heart

Like, you don't even understand how much I appreciate it. >3< I collect the Sailor Moon themed items on here. And the dress is Pinkie Pie's. She's my favorite pony. whee And I've always wanted the sash. Since I joined back in '05. 3nodding


2036-7922-8758 (PM me if you add me...)
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Formally Known as Raynie Tesslus
I make Sammiches For A Living...
Because I Haven't Found My Calling Yet.... smilies/icon_ninja.gif