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Name: Lex
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Alien [probably vulcan or tribble]
[More will go here...maybe...probably...idk]
[I like cats and jello and barbells and orange and things]
[Insert witty comment]
[Insert wise crack]

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Eh, so I guess I'll put up one of those bio things.
Not that there's much to know about me.
Anywhoo, my Name is Alexius, and I am a 22 year old CNA from a place called Pennsulvania.
I' currently in the process of making a book, and no it is not about sparkly vampires. Thank the ******** lord!
No, it's about Aliens. c:< And no we do not survive! Bwahahaha..cough....hahahaha!
So yeah, I live with my grams at the moment until I can afford to get another apartment.
I moved out of my old one because my landlord was a deadbeat and I'm sure the neighbors were cannibals, but I digress.
I absolutely love Anime and have only met three so far that I have not liked at all. But I won't bore you with those details.
I'm an alright artist, mostly chibis and straight pose art, but I don't have a scanner or anything so I can't show you any proff. Bummer right?
Eh, I make due. I love pokemon, eating, sleeping, and god only knows what else.
I'm all for gay marriage and have more gay/bi/lesbian friends than heterosecual friends.....so back the ******** off b***h!
Oh yeah, did I mention that I might be psychotic? Yeah, I might have a few screws loose.
I dunno.
But I am really hyper and excitable, which I put into my roleplaying one hundred and ten percent.
I am also bi-polar and have ADHD, joyful!
lalalalalalalala~! Squirrels and cheese nips batman~
I almost forgot, I haven't told you my deepest darkest, most terrifying secret yet.......I like // end transmission

Good Night Nurse!


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Naruto Ninja way

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Naruto Ninja way

you welcome smile
Naruto Ninja way

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Naruto Ninja way

hi there very cool nice profile smile very cool
Goo kee eel yer selfies

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Goo kee eel yer selfies

Thanks! You too!


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