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Hi, Im Robert.
Im 23 Years Old.
I enjoy all sorts of type of music.
I like to write. Music, stories, etc etc
I am a psychology major in College.
Random PM's <3 (Friend Request, maybe. Only if you intend to follow up.)
There's a lot of different things I could put here I guess but then I would be sitting here forever typing up a list of needlessly useless information so if you want to talk and learn let me know, otherwise just send me your questions. =)

“Underneath my outside face
There's a face that none can see.
A little less smiley,
A little less sure,
But a whole lot more like me.” -Shel Silverstein

Current Song: Ed Sheeran - Don't


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Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 11:14 pm
Chinami Mizuki
aww D:
I really want to see that art : u ;
Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 11:02 pm
Chinami Mizuki
one art where she is using an angel avi and you are using your demon avi n.n
Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 10:57 pm
Chinami Mizuki
so when will I be able to watch the art you and Fruit chan are getting emotion_kirakira ?
Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 10:53 pm
Chinami Mizuki
How did they scare you n.n?
Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 6:39 pm
Chinami Mizuki
aww that bites D:
Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 6:38 pm
Chinami Mizuki
Oh My who is that :3?
Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 6:27 pm
Chinami Mizuki
I need to get her some amazing art now emotion_kirakira
Chinami Mizuki Report | 10/12/2015 6:17 pm
Chinami Mizuki
it is lovely emotion_kirakira
Milly v2 Report | 10/12/2015 6:07 pm
Milly v2
Well I kinda stopped breathing when I took a nap at 6...
Milly v2 Report | 10/12/2015 5:56 pm
Milly v2
I should new puppy is next to me ;u ;

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