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Hi, Im Robert.
Im 23 Years Old.
I enjoy all sorts of type of music.
I like to write. Music, stories, etc etc
I am a psychology major in College.
Random PM's <3 (Friend Request, maybe. Only if you intend to follow up.)
There's a lot of different things I could put here I guess but then I would be sitting here forever typing up a list of needlessly useless information so if you want to talk and learn let me know, otherwise just send me your questions. =)

PS: Listen to the song on my profile and talk to me about it, especially if you can relate to it. i love hearing people's thoughts on things.

Current Song: Fall Out Boy - Irresistible


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Tauriel X Report | 04/27/2015 7:13 am
Tauriel X
This though..
Tauriel X Report | 04/27/2015 7:02 am
Tauriel X
He is just emotion_kirakira Midnight- coldplay (kygo) is another fav of mine. They are just so chill.
Tauriel X Report | 04/27/2015 6:46 am
Tauriel X
OMG I wish I saw crying I have to say the remix of I see fire and any of the weeknd songs are forever my fav ones.
Tauriel X Report | 04/27/2015 6:40 am
Tauriel X
Kygo is amazing heart
Tauriel X Report | 04/27/2015 6:23 am
Tauriel X
I bet you'll find a good one!! I like the youtube channel "Mrsuicidesheep", I get most my music from it yum_puddi
Tauriel X Report | 04/27/2015 6:15 am
Tauriel X
I don't know eek thank you though!! whee
Audalevita Report | 04/26/2015 4:41 am
Haha thanks for being there for me. Likewise. I just enjoy your company. It looks like I'll stick around gaia again.
Audalevita Report | 04/26/2015 4:32 am
I've been a wreck lately and it's been affecting my schoolwork. Getting my s**t together now so things are looking a bit better. Do you still use kik?
Audalevita Report | 04/26/2015 4:19 am
gaia_crown Hello Rob. How has life been?
RaceySenpai Report | 04/25/2015 9:17 pm
Love you

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