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My parent's named me...
XXX Carolina

But I answer to...
XXX Carol, Lina, Kitty, Sakura, Kairi, Rin, ( During cosplays … And yes I Cosplay. Gosh. ), Coraline, And anything else you can think of.

The day that marks me to this world...
XXX November 2nd

This year I blow out this many candles...
XXX Seventeen

Check the pants ...]
XXX Female

Those that are capable of stealing my heart ...
XXX Heterosexual, which if no one knows it meand  Straight ( Which means guys only, thank you! ).

Windows to the soul ...
XXX Almost hazel ish … It’s really pretty though~! I love them! People tend to mistake them for contacts. Pfft.

I would hate to be bald...
XXX A mixed of brunette and black, it changes color during the season. It’s also about, uh … a little past the shoulder.

I can reach it! ...
XXX Forgot at the moment but not that high, maybe a 4’11” or 5'1" … Yes I know I’m short >.< People tend to mistaken me for a 14 or 15 year old. Though I must say it’s better to look younger than older. ^ 3 ^-

One more cookie...
XXX … That’s something I don’t really want to talk about … Though I would love a cookie~! And no I’m not fat! I’m just self-conscious.

I am a ...
XXX Hispanic ( EL SALVADOR ) and I’m proud of it!

Current food craving...
XXX Oh my God! SUSHI!

The song that is always stuck in my head...
XXX Welcome To The Family by Avenged Sevenfold
XXX Daia No Hana by Yoriko
XXX Konoyo no Uta by Iwasaki Taku
XXX Metamorphose by Asriel
XXX Skins ( Sarabeth ) by Rascal Flatts
XXX Get Higher By Paper Planes
XXX Dare You To Move by Switchfoot
XXX As far as music goes I love any kind of genre, 'cep for some Gossple and rap and hip-hop -they somehow annoy me with their really messed up lyrics =P, but thats just me.

You have something I like you say...
    XXX Music ( In general )
    XXX Meh Best friends ( I love them! )
    XXX Video Games
    XXX Travailing, though I don't do it as much
    XXX Playing the Piano and Violin
    XXX Watching Anime and reading Manga ( Obviously )
    Roleplaying : D I do it A LOT!

Don't even think about it...
    XXX Liars
    XXX Hackers
    XXX Preps
    XXX People who call me or my friends bad names
    XXX People who ignores me or others
    XXX People who think they are better than others
    XXX Cheaters
    XXX Nosy people

Information on me you can use to stalk …
XXX I honestly don’t believe in happy endings and all the Fairy Tale stories and Love at first sight, but I really wish it was true. I like being creative, having an open and vivid mind, it just makes my day sometimes. You'll probably see that with me from time to time, especially during RPs ( Point shows since I pretty much made this RP style 8D ), that’s where I let most of the time my mind run around wild. Even though I'm not the best at it, I do try. I love to write, I love to sing, and I do love to doodle ( Ask my friends –if you can- they’ll vouch on that ). But mostly, I love to be musical. I am in my school’s Orchestra right now, I play the Violin, ( Want to learn to play the guitar-sadly Guitar Hero doesn't count T 3T ) and I have a lot of friends in there. And music really does speak for me and what I'm feeling, when words are not available. It just really helps sooth the soul … If you know what I mean.

XXXXXXX I can be very shy around strangers. But over time you can see that I can become very open, and welcoming to any newcomer that would like to join my group of buddies! Which I think makes me social awkward in first meetings, then a cheery-happy-go-lucky ( Yet a bit violent ) social friend everyone loves. So if you mess with them you mess with me. Some of my Best friends that I love and care about are: Elvia, Luisa, Andrew, Jonathan ( Though I treat him like my punching bag (:< ), Kevin, Felipe, Tiara, Pamela ( She really is a cousin ), Samantha, Amber, Alexis ( Ah I’ll just throw him in xD ) and more . <3

XXXXXXX I’m not that deeply sensitive, though at times the slightest comment or negative remark you might send to me can really hurt, but over due time I can easily forget ( Unless it was really that bad ). I don't express my feelings openly and my inner self is contained and secretive. Many people don't really understand how sensitive I really am, because I hide it well. As a result, I avoid talking about my emotions and many people never really know how I feel. And sometimes it’s for the best, so I cover everything up with a smiles and laughs. Yesh I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh my god this girl is so emo!’ or ‘Ugh, what a emo wanna-be’. Well guess what people!? Who gives a flying - ********! :’D Loves you!

XXXXXXX I have two dogs; Brownie and BJ, but no picture of them.

XXXXXXX My stubbornness results in laziness. I can be very lazy when someone gives me orders or wants me to do something I don't wanna do. Though sometimes someone tells me something that I do want to do, end up getting lax and well you can figure out the rest. Another thing, I'm not fond of change. In fact, if some type of change is about to happen, I'll get very nervous and worried. It usually takes me a while to adapt to what ever it is that changed. But if it is a person, for example, a friend that I was close to last year changes his/herself just to fit in with some ‘Clique’ then ditches you for his/her new 'friends' ... well you can at least guess how my reaction to that will be. ( And yes that has happened ... )

XXXXXXX Well I guess that’s pretty much it, sure your tired of my constant talking. And if you read it all your way to nice, if you skimmed to the end then its cool. But if anyone wants to know anything else just PM me and I’d be happy to talk. -I won't give out other personal stuff xD I was only kidding but I will accept Random PMs.

XXXXXXX The clothes I working on to get back ( That has been stolen and hacked ), please help if you want. And if you do your name will be placed in a special part in my heart! And profile, heh.
Thank you.

XXXXXXX Elemental Wings, Gothic veil, Silent night, and Autumn Glory =P


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Random stuff about meh XD

just random stuff ill say or do =P



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l Sagestar l Report | 11/08/2014 3:04 pm
l Sagestar l
//nom x3 heart
UNUSED ACCOUNT 8C Report | 11/16/2012 10:21 pm
It's alright. fsdgasdfgsd Amg, I haven't been able to get on Tumblr lately ;A; My laptop got taken away. I have to wait for a bit I guess ;w ;
Akuuji Report | 11/06/2012 6:51 pm
cool avi
Punce Report | 10/29/2012 9:58 pm
O 3O
ZombiePam Report | 06/07/2012 8:09 pm
Please dont be<3
ZombiePam Report | 06/07/2012 7:46 pm
I feel so loved<3 Yayy cause parties in Denton are gay cause its only creepy mexicans checking you out... >_<
ZombiePam Report | 06/06/2012 9:09 am
Heyy Sexual ;D
Sooo I cant believe you graduated and you're a grownup now surprised Im gonna miss you ;__;
Ya estas vieja! But I still love you booboo<3 Well I cant wait to see you once more whenever we go back to Houston cause I miss your perf face bbyguh <3
PM me or something cause Im lonely...
4everOtakuist Report | 12/30/2011 8:15 pm
Lol. I seeeeeee youuuuuuu!!!
Hello. smile
Deviant Raine Report | 12/26/2011 4:48 pm
Deviant Raine
I've gotten many of my friends into Hetalia. x3 So, therefore, most of the countries are filled. :3 I have to save up for that stuff, but it is aways well worth it. :3 Shoulda seen me when little Alfred came in the mail. Total fangasm!! I got a major nosebleed. *A* x3 My favourite thing on my profile is dancing America... @.@ *fangirl squeal*!!!
Deviant Raine Report | 12/26/2011 11:43 am
Deviant Raine
I know. :3 I am probably one of the biggest Hetalia Fangirls in the world. I've got the Hetalia season for Christmas and am watching the second for the 7th time since i got it... And I have so much Hetalia merchandise, it is insane. With more coming in from my purchasing, of course! I love when people look at my profile, because that means spreading the word of my beloved anime. biggrin America is my favourite, although I am Germany in my Hetalia group. I also love HetaOni, which is a fanmade thing of Hetalia. You've probably heard of it. Very, very sad. But the storyline is EXQUISITE! I love Hetalia doujinshi. Especially USxUk, because it is always so emotional and I am a SUCKER for romance. <3 . <3 Sorry, I am going on and on. :3 Thank you! ^-^ Always happy to be of an aquaintence with a fellow Hetalia Fan! <3


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