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calisto91 Report | 08/14/2016 9:47 am
thank you for buying 3nodding
CommanderKypri Report | 07/16/2016 4:48 pm
Thank you so much for your purchase! heart heart heart
Novizio Angelo Report | 10/18/2015 11:31 am
Novizio Angelo
I don't remember a Gio at alllll >.<

I'm sad they took zOMG away. It was how I made most of my friends.
Novizio Angelo Report | 10/15/2015 10:22 pm
Novizio Angelo
I stopped looking at those ages ago. I have a friend who got back into gaia recently so I'm chillin' with her on the forums I guess. I do remember you and I being friends who talked a lot at one point though. I'm trying to remember your name and I think it's Amanda but I might be mistaking you for someone else :C
Novizio Angelo Report | 10/13/2015 10:51 pm
Novizio Angelo
It's cool, I'm shocked you would respond honestly. We were friends so long ago and even then we weren't super close. xD
Novizio Angelo Report | 10/09/2015 6:32 pm
Novizio Angelo
welcome to the past

it's been a long time
Aldroe Report | 06/13/2015 2:20 pm
thank you for buying! heart
Audri Sciuto Report | 06/01/2015 9:11 pm
Audri Sciuto
Stand in the ashes of a trillion dead souls, and ask if honor matters...

Thank you for shopping at The Artifact!

...The silence is your answer.

Yuekazehime Report | 05/11/2015 7:24 pm
Thanks 3nodding
August Harume Report | 04/30/2015 8:44 pm
August Harume
Thank you for your purchase!!! 3nodding