We reside in your nocturnal slumber

What I am...?

Will always be in character in comments and towns
Private Messaging will be dependent.

"Fear and apathy exists in us all...I shall force them to confront them...Only they can overcome it."

Name: Firelily, although many nicknamed her "Lily" or "Fire"
Her true name: Melinoe (But she will refuse to acknowledge it)

Gender: Female

Age: Centuries but appears to most as a young girl or an older teen
(But has the ability to change how her age.)

Height: 5'3'' (Quite short)

Sexuality Straight (Yet never interested)

Race: Chthonic nymph of nightmares and madness
(Although many mistaken her for vampire due to her appearance)

Appearance: Her appearances continually changes, depending on the realm she is in OR on the person who is seeing her. She is able to appear young or old. However she is recognized as a pale young lady wearing a scarlet mask or white veil to hide her marks. Her ebony hair usually loose or in pigtails. Her attire consists of a military-inspired look or formal attire with onyx and crimson colors or black and white. She is ashamed of the black markings that have corrupted more than half of her body. Due to this, she will wear layers of clothing, no matter the weather or temperature.

Personality: Her personality is that of an extremely timid servant. Due to being afraid of injuring others. Her nightmares are corrupting her which will also push her into insanity. Often times, she will put others interests before her own. As a habit, she will not speak unless spoken to and will address everyone as "Sir" or "Miss", "Madam", and so forth as a term of respect. She is willing to aid anyone. Ironically, she has difficultly asking others for help.
At the first sign of danger, she is likely to flee. Yet if someone she deeply cares about being injured, she can be sadistic and volatile.
Yet this side is rarely seen.
One of her quirks, she is likely to mispronounce names. No matter how simple the name may be, she is likely to give you another name. Unintentionally, many people are offended by her "lack of memory" or "stupidity".

Weapon: Nightmare Staff: A mysterious staff and glowing red gem attached on top. The gem The artifact was found next to Lily when she first awoke. Her staff to allows her to summon nightmares and can be used to fight melee.

In the physical realm, she is light on her feet due to being a former fighter during the war. However, if she does get hit, the result can be fatal. But in her nightmare realm, she is omnipotent.

It's her means to traveling and escaping. Usually dissipating into shadows, black fog or whatever she prefers.

She is able to change her appearance. Depending on the realm she is in OR/AND on the person who is seeing her, she is able to appear young or old.

Her eyes rarely glow, but when it happens her intended targets can be paralyzed with fear. It is often describe that there are demonic voices whispering and strange figments appearing from the edge of their vision. Even during their slumber, victims have constant nightmares and become sleep-deprived which can cause paranoia, irritability and general tiredness.

She can cause images to frighten others. Because she feeds on fear and doubts, she targets those who are stranded in isolation and makes delusions for them.

Summoning Nightmare creatures
As a half goddess of nightmares and darkness, she is able to twist reality and materialize her opponents greatest fear. Her common summons consist of closets monsters, shadowed hands that grab ahold of the victim, the darkness and occasionally a horrifying boogeyman.
(Based on children's nightmares and ghost stories)

The nightmares can terrify opponents enough to die from fright or do harmful actions that victims would normally wouldn't do. And on some occasions, the nightmares can push her opponents into insanity.

As long as there are nightmares...she will continue to exist.

((~~P.S. If you wish to know more about the user and not Lily...I'm afraid you'll just have to find out ~~))

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Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 04/09/2015 12:15 am
((No. I got mugged and they stole everything but hey i got away with my life so its not that big of a loss now is it? My granddad died, mom got so sick she is dying right now still in the hospital unless she gets treated which im having to pay for hence why i have been altrnating between 3 to 4 jobs at a time. Having to take care of my 65 year old grandmother as well ALONG with my 4 year old baby brother. God a new house i moved in like three weeks ago i'm still unpacking but because of my new job i was able to quick two of them and had enough money for a new computer which im loving this thing right now ive missed talking to people. So how has life been treating you?))
Pitch The Nightmare King Report | 04/09/2015 12:11 am
((It is good to be back ive missed so much on my internet life. ))
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 01/24/2015 4:52 pm

You look...

You look lovely, Miss Lily~

Tsu the Guest Report | 12/15/2014 7:09 am
Though he stopped in his tracks and even turned to face her, an odd thing persisted. The scenery was still moving like a picture rolling by them. Occasionally it would skip a few steps and they would be several paces past one part of it or the other. In a way, they were moving, although looking at it from their perspective it would appear more akin to the scenery merely warping itself around them. For how long it has been happening is hard to tell. All that's clear is that they are already far from where they'd started the conversation, and further along than they could have possibly gotten by walking for as long as they have. And as the Guest looked at her, it briefly seemed as though his glasses were reflecting an unseen flame coloring them an ominous shade, like a smoldering ember.
"If they are... then the danger is far, far greater..."
He responded briefly and with a wave of his hand the scenery shifted further, a more fluid motion, but almost dizzying in its pace. His own image wavered, as if unseen winds were scattering it about. The power with which he pulled the scenery past them and nearer to the place they needed to be. Having called upon power with such urgency, his silhouette flickered again as they stood on a hill overlooking what seemed to be the ruins of a small village. Guest's glasses seemed as though covered with smoke, their color unclear as the fog flowing along the village streets.
"We-... c-oser now... It's su-... -here."
He frowned slightly upon realizing his own speech failing again. The air vibrated with tension as he forced his image to regain its contrast and become sharp as that of a regular person again.
"We're here... I had left one here... The entrance is in the village."
Landusk Report | 12/15/2014 3:07 am
(nope still trying doing some check up )
Tsu the Guest Report | 12/07/2014 10:50 am
Guest paused momentarily in his stride as he heard her question, turning to let her silhouette reflect in his glasses. As per their tendency, they were a different color from one they had when last looking at her. Or maybe she just didn't remember it being that color before. "God?" He asked slowly, the blue lenses obscuring his eyes. Then came a slight laugh and a slow shake of his head. "Of course not... Do not misunderstand. When I mentioned places I have created, they are but dwellings. No different from any person building themselves a home, however temporary. I was not always on a ceaseless voyage, you see..." He mentioned, once more focused on the path and walking along gradually. "Although I guess... under the circumstances "laboratory" or perhaps "forge" would both be better terms than a "home"... They... may still contain some of my past creations... So it troubles me that I would feel a disturbance coming from them."
Tsu the Guest Report | 11/24/2014 3:49 am
"How?" He asked with a slightly puzzled expression. "Why, by going there and finding out... And... regrettably, I know not whom or what I might require. You are welcome to accompany me..." He remarked and beckoned her as he began walking at a rather slow pace in an undetermined direction.
Tsu the Guest Report | 11/18/2014 10:58 pm
"I wonder..." He said thoughtfully and for a time it seemed as though that alone would be his response. Just when it was as though he froze in one spot, he spoke again. "There are places I still have a connection to, despite what happened to my body. Places where I've been and that I created... And places where I had known hospitality." He stood as if staring into the distance. "Some of those places, for some reason, I can no longer access or even scry... Other places... Other places bring forth disturbances... It requires investigation."
Tsu the Guest Report | 11/18/2014 12:46 am
He pauses, looking down at himself as though to make sure that the disturbance wouldn't resume. Once he's mostly certain that he'd remain stable for at least the duration of the conversation, he lifts his gaze back to Lily. "It is precisely as I said..." He murmurs, testing his voice before adding with more confidence. "There have been strange disturbances lately."
Tsu the Guest Report | 11/10/2014 3:05 pm
*Though he opens his mouth to speak, there is no voice coming out. The image of the man flickers as if overlaid with static. A very awkward thing to see happening in reality. His voice comes delayed and broken up* Minor... inconvenien-... -nknown source... -far. *As though realizing the condition he is in, the man shuts his eyes, his face portraying excessive focus if not betraying an actual emotion. His image seems to stabilize finally and he utters another phrase, his voice this time "in synch"* There have been... strange disturbances.