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What I am...?

Will always be in character in comments and towns
Private Messaging will be dependent.

"Fear and apathy exists in us all...I shall force them to confront them...Only they can overcome it."

Name: Firelily, although many nicknamed her "Lily" or "Fire"
Her true name: Melinoe (But she will refuse to acknowledge it)

Gender: Female

Age: Centuries but appears to most as a young girl or an older teen
(But has the ability to change how her age.)

Height: 5'3'' (Quite short)

Sexuality Straight (Yet never interested)

Race: Chthonic nymph of nightmares and madness
(Although many mistaken her for vampire due to her appearance)

Appearance: Her appearances continually changes, depending on the realm she is in OR on the person who is seeing her. She is able to appear young or old. However she is recognized as a pale young lady wearing a scarlet mask or white veil to hide her marks. Her ebony hair usually loose or in pigtails. Her attire consists of a military-inspired look or formal attire with onyx and crimson colors or black and white. She is ashamed of the black markings that have corrupted more than half of her body. Due to this, she will wear layers of clothing, no matter the weather or temperature.

Personality: Her personality is that of an extremely timid servant. Due to being afraid of injuring others. Her nightmares are corrupting her which will also push her into insanity. Often times, she will put others interests before her own. As a habit, she will not speak unless spoken to and will address everyone as "Sir" or "Miss", "Madam", and so forth as a term of respect. She is willing to aid anyone. Ironically, she has difficultly asking others for help.
At the first sign of danger, she is likely to flee. Yet if someone she deeply cares about being injured, she can be sadistic and volatile.
Yet this side is rarely seen.
One of her quirks, she is likely to mispronounce names. No matter how simple the name may be, she is likely to give you another name. Unintentionally, many people are offended by her "lack of memory" or "stupidity".

Weapon: Nightmare Staff: A mysterious silver staff and glowing red gem attached to a winged blade which nearly resembles a scythe. It was found next to Lily when she first awoke. Her staff to allows her to summon nightmares and can be used to fight melee. It also has a strange fruit which dangles from it but so far it functions as a decoration.

In the physical realm, she is light on her feet due to being a former fighter during the war. However, if she does get hit, the result can be fatal. But in her nightmare realm, she is omnipotent.

It's her means to traveling and escaping. Usually dissipating into shadows, black fog or whatever she prefers.

She is able to change her appearance. Depending on the realm she is in OR/AND on the person who is seeing her, she is able to appear young or old.

Her eyes rarely glow, but when it happens her intended targets can be paralyzed with fear. It is often describe that there are demonic voices whispering and strange figments appearing from the edge of their vision. Even during their slumber, victims have constant nightmares and become sleep-deprived which can cause paranoia, irritability and general tiredness.

She can cause images to frighten others. Because she feeds on fear and doubts, she targets those who are stranded in isolation and makes delusions for them.

Summoning Nightmare creatures
As a half goddess of nightmares and darkness, she is able to twist reality and materialize her opponents greatest fear. Her common summons consist of closets monsters, shadowed hands that grab ahold of the victim, the darkness and occasionally a horrifying boogeyman.
(Based on children's nightmares and ghost stories)

The nightmares can terrify opponents enough to die from fright or do harmful actions that victims would normally wouldn't do. And on some occasions, the nightmares can push her opponents into insanity.

As long as there are nightmares...she will continue to exist.

((~~P.S. If you wish to know more about the user and not Lily...I'm afraid you'll just have to find out ~~))

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LiIaea Report | 09/10/2014 1:42 pm
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You spooky lookin'~
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Oiselle Report | 07/30/2014 6:34 pm
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Hugo Skyhart Report | 07/27/2014 12:48 pm
Hissing from he pain in her snout, she drew back her jaws only to slam them around his hand. Biting hard, she bit it clean off, throwing it to the side. "GIVE. HIM. BACK!!" she snarled, biting the gem once more. Pinning his head down with a paw, she bit the gem hard, yanking savagely at it to pry it from his chest. Blood pouring from her muzzle, she looked at the gem with tear filled eyes, "Oneiros!! I'm here, please come to me!! She cried to him, her gem bursting with light suddenly. The light engulfed the blackened gem, creating a path for which the god could travel. With all her might, she heaved the gem free of the mans chest, cracking it in time to absorb the God into her own gem. In that instant, her gem burst out a great wave of light before dulling once more, her body shrinking down to her former shape. Laying on the ground, she clutched her chest as she felt the thudding of her heart in her entire body. Then...there was calm...opening her eyes, she felt an odd flutter in her heart, and a surge of energy in her veins. "O-Oneiros..?" She spoke softly, looking down at her gem. It glowed cyan softly, a light swirling inside like a tiny angry wind. Had she done it..? Had she rescued him..?
Hugo Skyhart Report | 07/26/2014 6:41 pm
Honing in on the signal of the blackened crystal, Hugo felt Oneiros was near. I'm coming Oneiros....I won't let you down... she thought to herself, feeling her gem growing stronger. He more active it became, the more she felt her body changing. Emerald eyes spotting the two beings from above, she felt a surge of energy run through her. She saw Eugene...she knew he had Oneiros...and it fueled her with a fury to protect the one she loved.
From above, one would hear a mighty screech of a roar...it was unlike any sound a normal animal would make, something between a wolfs howl and a lions roar. A shadow swept past, before a huge clawed paw swiped down and grabbed Eugene by his throat. Slamming him to the ground, a huge furred beast bared down its jaws at him, wings spread out wide. Green eyes gleaming, the beast held him pinned with a single clawed paw. "Give him back to me! Give him back!" her echoed voice demanded through jagged teeth. With another roar, she bite down on the gem in his chest, her own glowing brightly. Whisps of light trailed to his gem, trying to draw Oneiros from it into her own. At the same time, she was snarling and trying to rip the gem from his body angrily.
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 07/20/2014 1:11 pm
"The thought of my house being infested was more horrifying than your nightmares," He joked, with a wide grin. The wolf ran his fingers through her hair, fixing it to the best of his ability. "As long as you are content, I can weather that worry time and time again until we figure it out. Shouldn't you rest?"
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 07/18/2014 3:30 pm
"No, no! It's quite alright." Curtis gasped, a bit dazed from all that occurred in such little time. He had to look behind him to make sure she was indeed gone. Where she went, the wolf preferred not to know. He naturally assumed the worst. "It wasn't careless. More like a trial run that I think...could have gone a tab better, but was a learning experience." Morbid as it was, he smiled. "What matters is: how do you feel...?"

Sir Curtis Prise Report | 07/18/2014 2:05 pm
Curtis kept facing the wall, despite all the sounds. The woman was screaming, in a high enough pitch to hurt his ears.
It wasn't established what was enough. Was it when she sounded desperate enough to invoke pity? Until her heart sounded like it'd give out? Or how about when the nightmarish creations were starting to leak into his field of vision on the floor below?

He shied away from them, disgusted. His house had suffered enough damage.

"Miss Lily..." He said. "Miss Lily, they are getting everywhere. The insects are all over the floor, I think- ack!"

Against his will, he was spun around to face the goddess herself. Their captive had weighed her options to decide that she couldn't outrun those things on her own. Either she was going to escape in lieu of ransom, or she was not going down alone. Her pointed elbow was stabbing the center of his back to thrust him before her.

"ENOUGH," She screamed, with her tear-soaked eyes clenched shut.
Sir Curtis Prise Report | 07/17/2014 11:40 pm
'Finally.' Curtis sighed, relieved. However demented the situation seemed, nothing felt as nice as hearing those words. The last couple weeks had been Hell listening to the girl being slowly overpowered by the figments in her head. To know that the girl may be at peace again was worth the black mark on his record for the crime he committed tonight. As a matter of fact, he didn't think twice about it.

Heeding her wishes, the wolf released the back of the chair and stepped away. The wolf didn't need the reminder not to look directly at her. That lesson was learned months and months prior under different circumstances. He turned around and faced the opposing wall in wait.
"I won't look. And I'll stop you when necessary. Stay calm."

The woman seated caught onto what was happening. Her pitiful plan had failed. Whatever this thing was in front of her was not human. It wanted something from her that she presumed fatal. She wasn't quite ready to die yet...Expecting her imminent demise, she was able to wriggle her way out of the ropes confining her wrists with haste. Her kidnapper's back was turned, and the girl didn't look like she was in her right mind. Now was her chance more than ever...