Name: Genesis Rose Mustang
Rank: Lt. Colonel
Occupation:State Alchemist
Alchemic Specialization: Mental Psyche, Medicine, and flame
Hair: black
Eyes:bright green/blue
Skin: white

About her specializations:
Mental Psyche: If she can get close enough to touch the opponent or touch something the same time the opponent is holding it (like a pole ect) she uses her alchemy which reacts with the opponents brain and she can make them hallucinate, see distorted images, slow their vision and lose memory. She cannot control them. But with her combat training, she can slow them down enough to where she can conquer them.

Medicine: Basically all she learned in Xing. She can help heal wounds and make medicine.

Flame: With her relative uhh being her relative, she figured a way to produce flames. It actually isn't the way that Riza's Grandfather did it, which makes it no where near as powerful as Roy, but good enough to hurt!

Things to know:
She goes by Rose
She is a self harmer (She covers with 'happiness')
She is related to Roy Mustang.

When she was born, her parents didn't want her anymore than they had wanted Roy. So Rose was sent to an orphanage. She spend 4 years in their care until she was adopted into a lovely family. She remember that couple as her family still to that day. Unfortunately, the couple had been killed in an Ivashalan Raid in the town. Now at the age of 7, Rose went back into foster care. A few months later, she was adopted again, this time, the couple wasn't so lovely. She and three other kids had been adopted to do all the work for these two and they were abused daily. At the age of 8, Rose started to dabble in alchemy and hid her talent. She eventually got better and better. Unfortunately, all the abuse Rose endured had pushed her over the edge when she turned 12 and she started self harming. At that point she had no self esteem and couldn't look herself in the mirror. That still continues, but it's hidden. At 13, she and the other children decided to run away. They would all run to separate areas to reduce the chances of being caught. After a tearful part, they successfully got away. Rose managed to cross the desert into Xing where she stayed for 3 years. She learned alchehestry and became even better at alchemy. When she turned 16, she came back to Amestris and joined the Military. She was put under Roy Mustang's command. They had no idea of each others' relation, but struck up a brother/sister bond. She was happy to work with Edward due to them being the same age. Her self harming and self hatred was only caught by Maes Hughes, but he was killed before he could get her help. Hughes was extremely close to her and his death destroyed her. After the great battle and Grumman took over, all the state alchemists were recertified. Rose's scores were so high, Grumman promoted her and she now is one of his body guards. (I always like to imagine that being a state alchemist for the Fuhrer means you get a gold pocket watch c: That's why you'll see my avatar with the gold pocket watch instead of the silver one) One day they recovered that Hughes had taken DNA samples from both of them (They were freaked out)but had yet to have it tested. When they finally did test it, they found out that Roy and Rose were brother and sister.

and so the story continues....


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Journal of a First Class Soldier

I am Lily Fair, and this is bits and pieces of my life



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