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Twenty five.

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Formerly // Lillith-Angel // Lilly is Loli // Heartage

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Dream Address :: 4300-2285-4163

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Things I'm doing

:: Life
:::: Work @ Hobby Lobby
:::: Various Art Commissions
:::: Hiatus
:: Pokegotchi
:::: Hiatus
:: Narcysia
:::: Pokemon Event
:::: Gaian Item Event ( WIP )
:: Playing
:::: Smite
:::: Sims 3
:::: Terraria
:::: Wii U Fit
:::: Patapon 2
:::: Pokemon X
:::: Theatrhythm
:::: Rune Factory 3
:::: Awesomenauts
:::: Tomodachi Life
:::: League of Legends
:::: Harvest Moon: ToTT
:::: Animal Crossing: New Leaf
:: Going to Play
:::: Patapon 3
:: Watching
:::: CSI
:::: Glee
:::: NCIS
:::: Grimm
:::: Degrassi
:::: True Blood
:::: South Park
:::: Doctor Who
:::: Supernatural
:::: The Simpsons
:::: Grey's Anatomy
:::: Big Bang Theory
:::: Game of Thrones
:::: The Walking Dead
:::: Law and Order: SVU
:::: The Vampire Diaries
:::: How I Met Your Mother
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