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ur welcome and u too heart

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So true. 3nodding

Okay. Take care now. Talk to you again later. 4laugh

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Yes. but money is very tight here and so her mom got what she could get. But I'm hopping she gets a better one soon.
I would do the same, save for a better one.

Oh wow, she's lucky. Yes, thats how it would probably be here as well. lol
Too much for one person to save and get. stare
lol I would do the same

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Yes, she wanted the bamboo drawingpad, but her mom got a cheaper one.. I think its called, turgent mano price....or something like that.
Not good what so ever. She uses some other software that was free with the pad now, since it doesn't want to work half the time.

I tried using the pad, and I'm bad at it./ I'll stick with paper and pencils lol

Yes, I saw the price and I almost died lol
She's mad at the price as well. Her friend showed them to her and she wants them.
I might save up to get that for her next Christmas though.
And yes, I like mine black and white... I never colored any of my work in except 2 of them, which was with color pencils.

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Yes. That's the place lol And yes, At first when started, she drew on paper only.
And last Christmas, we got her a drawing tablet. But it acts up and shuts down on her and glitchy.
I think she spends most of her day just drawing. xd
She even started her own manga while back. And has a couple started. She's into the folk tales and have been
keeping info in a book to help her as she goes.
She really wanted this type of markers.... That suppose to be very good. But my goodness, theyre a lot of money burning_eyes

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Yes. She gets jelouce of the other people who can make them look live looking... I forget the term she says that they use.. lol

Sure thing. I have to wait until she gets home. She has a art thing online... forgot the site. I see her pics on fb, but, I think it's friends only.

Go to google, and type in cryling. Found out a lot of her art work is on there.... Surprise surprise.. xd

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Me and her are almost a like, so we get along more then the rest. lol

Her mom is taking Japanese classes in college, so she have been teaching herself from her moms book and watching tones of anime.
I told her to keep at it. lol yes, It would be a great honor if she could get accepted out there. I'm already proud of her.
And her drawing skills have improved a lot. It's just that we don't have the money to get better stuff for her to draw with and her drawing tablet isn't the best...
So she's been frustrated.

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I know. I quite shocked. It's not like their mom is horrible or angry all the time or what not.
I think its more towards how they communicate and she feels as if the mom doesn't listen and what not.
That's why I said 18, because there's really no reason to take her away if there's no bad cause, just a normal "I want to get away" thing. lol
But I told her that I expect good things from her and to continue her education. That I want her to go to college over seas in Japan
because she likes drawing anime/manga, and very good at drawing. Theres nothing here in the US for her that will help her with that
and she's very good at school. Straight A's and some B's now and then. It would be a shame to not go.

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3nodding yup.

But they're not that bad all the time. lol
The 2nd oldest (16 yrs old) is not bad what so ever. She's very good. Good role model.
Sad thing is, she doesn't like how her mom does things and wanted to move with me,
I told her once she's 18. I don't need my sister, (her mom) to get all huffy puffy.

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Yes it is. Very hard.
We fight more now this year then before. And the kids don't listen.
Because the mom doesn't enforce the rules and when they do something that isn't right,
I or my mom says something and they don't care. And then their mom disagrees most of the time.
So it will be much relaxing once I move. lol


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