xxxxxxHey~ Before you read anything else, I hope you read this small piece of information. I'm telling you this in case you don't understand why I do what I do. I'm autistic. I have A.D.D. I have OCD, anxiety, depression, autism & Trichotillomania, which is a hair pulling disorder. I have fears just like anyone else, including the fear of being forgotten, left behind, or unwanted." I'm different, but not less. " - Temple Grandin
xxxxxxI'm 19. Secondly, I am a ƒємαℓє. Lastly, I live in the usa. You may call me ℓιℓ, hence the username. I am currently going to school for ∂εsιgи & gяαρнιc тecниσℓσgу.
I greatly enjoy FOOD, food is god in my eyes. I also enjoy swimming, video games like Okami & Persona 3, writing, & reading. I'm known for being intelligent, spunky, outgoing, humorous, & unique. Don't let those things above scare you, I'm really not that terrifying of a person. I have issues like the rest of us do, we're all human. Lately I've been trying to save up for a car & get a new job, which is not very easy. I do draw, but it's difficult for me because I don't have a lot of patience aha. I hope one day I'll get there, I'm sure I will. I also enjoy graphic coding, I'm quite snazzy with post layouts & such. You'll often see me frequent the art freebies, charity / quests, & lastly the art shops. I was on gaia for years, took a year hiatus, then came back to the inflation. I am questing all the antlers on gaia, only because I have a weird obsession with antlers.. I mostly came back to gaia for chatting & art, so don't be hesitant to chat me up.




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