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Gender: Female

Birthday: 09/07

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Lilium Noir

Age: Unknown
Hair: Silvery lavendar
Eyes: Ice blue
Height: 5'9"


Lilium has lived in Gaia for many years. She calls Durem her home, living in one of the lush apartments. No one is quite sure how she gets her money; freelance artist is the best she will give someone if they ask. Enigmatic but friendly, Lilium is liked at best, tolerated at worst by most of those around her.

She has been present at many of Gaia's most historic events, witnessing spectacles such as Jack's one-on-one with Santa, and the Mask's unveiling at the new year's party. She has also fought back hoardes of zombies and sweated helping Alien 02 with his water-meat filled Christmas event.

In the end, Lilium faught for both the Humans AND the vampires during the hellish Vampire-on-Human event.. but was eventually turned. However, her loyalty was never to the von Helson line...


If You Seek A You, Gaiaonline.


DA Account - See DA journal for commission info.



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Lady Gwendolynn O Danaan Report | 09/18/2010 8:36 pm
Happy Belated Birthday Jeishii. If you are on Facebook at all you should come find me. heart biggrin
Qkthr Report | 06/26/2010 3:03 am
The song lilium, love it <3
Lady Gwendolynn O Danaan Report | 09/08/2009 9:02 am
Sorry Jeishii! I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday yesterday but I apparently got absent minded and forgot to stop by. Happy Belated Birthday!
Vykas Report | 06/21/2009 7:31 pm
Thanks for buying! biggrin
Grace of the Fallen Report | 05/27/2009 8:48 pm
Ye-ah I know how that is. I have been ignoring Gaia a bit for a while myself. Yay! Kittysitting! Zac's doing all right but he feels like killing and maiming some people in his squad.
Grace of the Fallen Report | 05/03/2009 6:11 pm
Hey Jeishi I just wanted to let you know I added you to my watch list on dA today so NyghtshaydeEN <---Is me. It's nice to see you on dA. I wonders if you'll check my art out to see how far I've progressed. If you remember Zac from High School he is going to be having me draw up his comic for him here soon. ^_^ Right now we are working on story, character design, costume design, etc before we really work on panels.
Ohh Damn Its Anne Report | 04/27/2009 9:47 pm
i love your name
Emily S G Report | 04/19/2009 5:55 pm
I love your username.
Vile Agony Report | 10/26/2008 9:41 pm
omg! i love you r avi! cynicle! love it!
PhaedraMcSpiffy Report | 10/25/2008 11:11 pm
I like your style of talking to idiots about politics. So blunt!