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Hello, My name is Lilfox!
I'm Twenty Two and from Colorado

Taurus Sun Aries Moon Capricorn Rising

I'm a model Cosplay, Alt,fetish/ BDSM model.

I love Kingdom Hearts, Persona and Naruto!

I cosplay and most of my cosplaying things, modeling photos and other things are on my Tumblr

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Hello everyone, I'm Lilfox.
From Colorado! I'm Twenty-Two.
Taurus with an Aries Moon and a Capricorn Rising!

An Alternative Nude model for The Zombie Dolls ( and BDSM oriented Model. I am from the Fur community. I consider my self an arctic fox. I'm a huge fan of the Kingdom Hearts Series, As well Persona and Wind Waker. I watch read a lot of Manga and hope to be starting my own webcomic soon! I use Gaia mostly for roleplaying and talking to friends i would really love to chat and make more friends o Ao Mostly because I lack any real friends.

I'm a huge Narutard and have been since 2008.

Lets Chat Sometime!