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Ayane the Goddess Report | 04/08/2014 7:44 pm
Well Im sure Ill be available this weekend at early afternoon Pacific Standard Time.
Ayane the Goddess Report | 04/08/2014 12:58 pm
Oh... well if you need me to wait I could, thats if you do. *puts hands behind back and twirls foot on the ground while looking down to the ground*
Ayane the Goddess Report | 04/07/2014 4:16 pm
I should see if Yasu wont be as busy when he has Spring Break. When do you think me and you can meet up?
KAX Ko KittyKAX Report | 04/07/2014 7:42 am
I like it, you seem to stick to the technology style alot so it suits you well.
Ayane the Goddess Report | 04/06/2014 8:04 pm
Oh okay... Sorry it didnt work out. Spring Break is coming soon for us.
Ayane the Goddess Report | 04/03/2014 12:05 am
He just got done with a new dream avi for me too, Im ready Christmas now. ^_^ Also from me and him selling some of our stuff we can now reach about 4 million gold so whatever you need help with I can borrow his gold and he said do whatever I can to help you.
Ayane the Goddess Report | 04/02/2014 4:20 pm
Oh I see. Its okay now, Yasu became well again. He needed about a week or so to be better. Thats how you know he has a strong spirit. ~♫
Ayane the Goddess Report | 03/19/2014 7:10 pm
What do you wish you do more of?
Ayane the Goddess Report | 03/18/2014 10:44 am
Well he's currently ill but still doing a lot of college stuff and Im fine. He just gave me this armor, he said he got this from some girl he found in one of his previous accounts.
Ayane the Goddess Report | 03/17/2014 11:52 pm
I was thinking maybe I could ask Yasu for a dress to wear when we hang out. Im not so sure about the ones I have available. *blushes*

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