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Albern Puppy Report | 11/06/2015 3:25 pm
Thank you, Lia.
`Hydro Report | 11/01/2015 6:15 pm
2002 words, I did it~

Also never got my achievement but oh well I don't care kindred is too much of a time suck.
Morsuaile Report | 10/28/2015 6:18 pm
Thanks Lia! heart heart
Angel Bruja Report | 09/30/2015 8:04 am
Your avi is pretty.
Aerith Kheel Report | 06/20/2015 2:50 pm
User Image

I'm sorry for the delay, my kids has keep me busy these days.
I'll try to answer from my experience and what I've seen in my community (low-middle income):

What's the prevalent view on underage drinking? Is it something that just happens (for example, parents giving children watered down beer or wine), is it something that happens that everyone ignores, or something else?
Most of the teens who drink do it without adult supervision, I haven't seen people watered down alcohol to kids but I have seen parents giving a bit of they beer to little kids so they can taste the flavor.

Also, how much pressure is there for girls to go to college? If they do go, how much pressure is there for them to complete it?

Tbh I haven't seen much pressure but only a few percent of the girls who graduated from high school goes to college but not all complete it (I'm all of them u_u), there's a lot of machism in the families and most of they prefer to invest in male education because they think the girls only goes to school like a way to pass time before they got married and become housewives.

Is there a lot of social pressure on girls to get married?
Nope, at least not in my city ( I live a couple of ours from the border with US) but I know people still arrange marriages mostly in the poorest villages in the south part of México.
But in all the country there's a lot of young marriages due to teen pregnancy and sadly it's seen it like a common issue.

Lastly, does the name "Regina" have a soft g or a hard g in the pronunciation? Also, is there an accent mark anywhere in the word?

We pronounce the G with a hard sound I could say the sound of "gi" in spanish it's like "He" in english.
And for accent marks I don't know if you refer to these (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) sweatdrop

I hope I don't confuse you with my english, I can read it but in writing most of time I don't know how to express myself, redface
Aerith Kheel Report | 06/12/2015 2:00 pm
User Image

Feel free to ask 3nodding
Binku_Muja- Report | 08/17/2014 7:13 am
Sorry for the random comment but
what is the name of that skirt or dress you
are wearing?

Thank you!
gaia_angelleft gaia_kittenstar gaia_angelright
that fat cat Report | 05/22/2014 3:51 pm
the legs on your avi are beautiful *__*
Kendra Rosewood Report | 05/18/2014 4:12 pm

I'll get them from him soon. I just got home and still getting up and down at the moment. As soon as I can sit still I'll get words.
Lykashii Report | 04/20/2014 4:10 pm
Only just saw your reply!
You should have come back! We miss you! Typical though, getting a lag when you were doing well.
How's your easter?
I was filming interviews with people about Apps they've made for DJs and stuff.
That's the one I've done so far. The sound is awful though.


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